I went to SoHo & Chinatown yesterday for a quick shopping session. I got me some lovely spiked & studded goodies there! My best friend would say sooo mean things to me right now, he mocks me every single time I bring up my obsession with them shiny little fellas, he says they're so last season...but hey I don't care, I don't love them cause they're trendy, I love them cause they ROCK!!

I posted about Necessary Clothing a few days ago, well now I finally got the chance to browse through their stores (all 5 of 'em) and I found the skirt featured in the post & the spiked snapback of my dreams.

The store Amsterdam is quite similar to Necessary...oh who am I kidding, they're all the same in the SoHo, all those stores. Same stock, same prices, same everything except their names. So in Amsterdam I scored spiked leggings, a grey sweater & a black clutch w/ a studded bracelet thingy to hold it by. I also flirted with the thought of buying penis lollipops (souvenir, duhh).

So Good which is an enormous jewelry store had a 50% off sale (well they either do it permanently or I'm just that lucky, I don't mind) and I just had to buy every possible version of the studded & spiked bracelets they had and some rings: really ghetto revolver ring, cross ring & weird ring I can't really explain.

At Ricky's (drugstore & sexshop at the same time, I blushed a little when I my innocent little eyes accidentially spied a dildo) I got 3 OPI polishes (will post about them tomorrow) and 2 color changing polishes.

Topshop is a dilemma. I mean it's not, I'd definitely hate it if it wasn't all hyped & trendy. But I jut can't see why they love it so much - nothing special style-wise, no significantly wide range of sizes, overpriced and some pieces of the sortiment are shockingly crappy. Despite all these, I still spend a hundred bucks there and I especially appreciate their 10% students' discount. I got 2 beanies (neon pink & black), an oversized lilac tee which is basically see-through & a black skirt which is either crazy high waisted or maxi, I just haven't figured it out yet.

I have one tiny problem with stores like Necessary's products - it seems as if they're made for absolutely flat chested girls. I mean I'm usually a size M, well their size M stuff fit me except in the chest area, and then I try the size L pieces on and they're HUGE bur they're still depressingly tight on my breasts, WHY? I mean I don't think American/New Yorker girls are tipically boobless...or are they? Or am I a mutant?

Okay so these were the stores I had time to visit, umm I only have my iPad with me right now so I'm only able to add the one picture below but as soon as I get back to my homeland (God knows when that will be, thanks to Nemo) I'll put up individual pics. x

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