IFBCon Essentials as a European

IFBCon is just around the corner and there are tips everywhere, like what to bring to IFBCon, what to wear, etc. but hey, they're all for people who are from the States, it's not that much of a big deal for them to travel to NYC as it is for me, for instance. Not only I fly for more than 10 hours to get there, but it's another continent, a whole different culture.

Oh God, as I'm packing my enormous luggage right now, I realised I need so many things I don't have yet & that I have to purchase as soon as I get to NYC... 

Here's a list of what you should bring if you're going to IFBCon and another few I will bring coming from the overseas.

Pocket router - well cellular network is not an option, obviously, so it's essential...I know most of Manhattan's coffees and public parks have WiFi but frankly I won't have the time to sit around in Starbucks for hours. 

iPad/tablet - for taking notes, surfing the web, saving numbers/email addresses (I tend to lose business cards immediately), taking pictures even.

Power Bank for your smartphone - first of all our plug-in thingy is different than American plug-in thingies and I only have a single one that I can use in the States so I need this extra power source, second there aren't even sockets everywhere, so this portable charger is a life saver. 

Business cards - essential for networking & making friends and it's good for the business... I just got mines made, it's as simple as can be, I hope to give out a few...

Camera - needless to say, you'll need to take pics for your blog & of the beautiful people you meet there. 

NYC Subway App for your smartphone - has 26 lines, 468 stops and we totally need it to get to places... the subway - let's face it, you can't manage without an app.

  • face powder & lipstick - for a quick touch-up before photos
  • a comfortable pair of flats - even if you're rocking heels on the conference, you'll need flats after a while, trust me
  • bag that can carry everything - you're certainly gonna have to carry all these and even some more, so bring a bag that's not only big enough but is comfortable 
Who else's going to IFBCon? Hope to see some of you there x

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