SoHo Haul - STUDS&SPIKES Extra

I totally wanted to make an individual post for this one. Steve Madden shoes have been huge faves of mine for years now and now as I wandered on Broadway on Thursday, their 50% off sale hit me in the face and I just had to buy these loafers.

It's burgundy, it's suede, it's studded, it's love. Excuse the photo & lighting quality though, it's just the iPad camera.


I went to SoHo & Chinatown yesterday for a quick shopping session. I got me some lovely spiked & studded goodies there! My best friend would say sooo mean things to me right now, he mocks me every single time I bring up my obsession with them shiny little fellas, he says they're so last season...but hey I don't care, I don't love them cause they're trendy, I love them cause they ROCK!!

I posted about Necessary Clothing a few days ago, well now I finally got the chance to browse through their stores (all 5 of 'em) and I found the skirt featured in the post & the spiked snapback of my dreams.

The store Amsterdam is quite similar to Necessary...oh who am I kidding, they're all the same in the SoHo, all those stores. Same stock, same prices, same everything except their names. So in Amsterdam I scored spiked leggings, a grey sweater & a black clutch w/ a studded bracelet thingy to hold it by. I also flirted with the thought of buying penis lollipops (souvenir, duhh).

So Good which is an enormous jewelry store had a 50% off sale (well they either do it permanently or I'm just that lucky, I don't mind) and I just had to buy every possible version of the studded & spiked bracelets they had and some rings: really ghetto revolver ring, cross ring & weird ring I can't really explain.

At Ricky's (drugstore & sexshop at the same time, I blushed a little when I my innocent little eyes accidentially spied a dildo) I got 3 OPI polishes (will post about them tomorrow) and 2 color changing polishes.

Topshop is a dilemma. I mean it's not, I'd definitely hate it if it wasn't all hyped & trendy. But I jut can't see why they love it so much - nothing special style-wise, no significantly wide range of sizes, overpriced and some pieces of the sortiment are shockingly crappy. Despite all these, I still spend a hundred bucks there and I especially appreciate their 10% students' discount. I got 2 beanies (neon pink & black), an oversized lilac tee which is basically see-through & a black skirt which is either crazy high waisted or maxi, I just haven't figured it out yet.

I have one tiny problem with stores like Necessary's products - it seems as if they're made for absolutely flat chested girls. I mean I'm usually a size M, well their size M stuff fit me except in the chest area, and then I try the size L pieces on and they're HUGE bur they're still depressingly tight on my breasts, WHY? I mean I don't think American/New Yorker girls are tipically boobless...or are they? Or am I a mutant?

Okay so these were the stores I had time to visit, umm I only have my iPad with me right now so I'm only able to add the one picture below but as soon as I get back to my homeland (God knows when that will be, thanks to Nemo) I'll put up individual pics. x


IFBCon 2013 Short Recap

I had a great time at IFBCon 2013 in The Altman Building! Heard some very useful tips, met some amazing ladies, seen the most badass headphones ever, watched great makeup pros do pretty looks, got to know the brand Alex and Ani better, found out #MeanStinks and scored the cutest tee & hat at MailChimp's booth!

Thank you, IFB, for the great experience! Hope to see you again in September x

The Big Apple

Just a quick post before I pass out; I traveled 17 hours straight to finally land at JFK in New York, now I'm at my hotel room with a few massive magazines and my new iPad & I'm preparing for tomorrow's IFBCon. Even though I'm upset I missed today's panels, I can't wait to finally attend my first fashion blogger conference - even just being a part of something so many great bloggers participate in feels amazing and I have a feeling this will change my life. Not kidding.


IFBCon Essentials as a European

IFBCon is just around the corner and there are tips everywhere, like what to bring to IFBCon, what to wear, etc. but hey, they're all for people who are from the States, it's not that much of a big deal for them to travel to NYC as it is for me, for instance. Not only I fly for more than 10 hours to get there, but it's another continent, a whole different culture.

Oh God, as I'm packing my enormous luggage right now, I realised I need so many things I don't have yet & that I have to purchase as soon as I get to NYC... 

Here's a list of what you should bring if you're going to IFBCon and another few I will bring coming from the overseas.

Pocket router - well cellular network is not an option, obviously, so it's essential...I know most of Manhattan's coffees and public parks have WiFi but frankly I won't have the time to sit around in Starbucks for hours. 

iPad/tablet - for taking notes, surfing the web, saving numbers/email addresses (I tend to lose business cards immediately), taking pictures even.

Power Bank for your smartphone - first of all our plug-in thingy is different than American plug-in thingies and I only have a single one that I can use in the States so I need this extra power source, second there aren't even sockets everywhere, so this portable charger is a life saver. 

Business cards - essential for networking & making friends and it's good for the business... I just got mines made, it's as simple as can be, I hope to give out a few...

Camera - needless to say, you'll need to take pics for your blog & of the beautiful people you meet there. 

NYC Subway App for your smartphone - has 26 lines, 468 stops and we totally need it to get to places... the subway - let's face it, you can't manage without an app.

  • face powder & lipstick - for a quick touch-up before photos
  • a comfortable pair of flats - even if you're rocking heels on the conference, you'll need flats after a while, trust me
  • bag that can carry everything - you're certainly gonna have to carry all these and even some more, so bring a bag that's not only big enough but is comfortable 
Who else's going to IFBCon? Hope to see some of you there x


Will.i.Am Style Inspo

Yeah it's weird I have a style icon who's a dude - actually, he's not even the only one - but fashion finally starts to become more and more unisex so why not?

Black Eyed Peas band member Will.i.Am actually went to fashion design school & he even has his own brand called i.am clothing, no wonder his outfits are so well put together. He's like my male Natalia Kills.

Check out Coolspotters to get the looks x
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