Necessary Outfit

The last time I went to NYC I found this amazing SoHo store (chain, kinda - 5 locations on Broadway) called Necessary Clothing. Even though they're everything but necessary, their products are pretty, provocative, cheap & totally stylish. God, I hope it's not like now that I'm telling you about this place, you'll all invade Necessary... 

Anyhow I'm going to NYC next week and I'm really looking forward to going to Necessary again, so I browsed through their website, though I'd put together an outfit for you to see what their sortiment is like. Enjoy!

Link Up Spike Bracelet $7.99

Cross Candy Blouse $24.99

Bell of the Ball HiLow Skirt $19.99

The bracelet: delicate yet dangerous, lovely combo!
The blouse: it's just so special with the crosses & I love these sheer plack blouses
The skirt: I have an enormous crush on hilow skirts, I can't help it. 
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