What They Want for Christmas - Emma's Wish List

Christmas Wish Lists from People All Around the World 
Italian edition

This year I decided to ask my friends from foreign countries to tell me what they wanted for Christmas this year so you'll not only know what my little Hungarian heart's longing for but you'll get a glimpse of other nationalities' tastes, needs & desires as well. In today's post, meet my friend, Emma from Bari, Italy.

Christmas is coming and Santa is on his way. I’ve made a wish list just to make things easier for him ;)
Here are some gifts I’d like to give and I’d like to receive!

I’ve loved this as soon as I’ve seen it! Macarons are among the best foods I’ve ever tasted in my life and I found these little boxes (useful for carrying small things you risk to lose in your bag) a creative idea! It's available in different colours (ivory, green, purple, red, pink and orange).

Everybody loves teddy bears! They’re nice, soft, reassuring…
But I guess we’re too grown to carry them with us… no, wait! Moschino found the way!

My skin is fair. When Winter comes, I become very pale and I need to put some make up on to look healthy. A friend of mine owned a Chanel blush and she let me try - it looked great on my cheeks and it lasted all day long, so I thought I definitely had to buy it! But if you want to give it to me as a present… just remember I prefer the “Brume d’or” shade :)

#4: Tiffany Notes ring (€120)
It would be amazing to find a light-blue little package under my Christmas three. And if I could choose the content, it would be this delicate ring…

I was looking for some neutral eyeshadows when I just walked into a perfumery and I saw this thing. This miraculous answer to my prayers. It contained all the colours I wanted and much more: a mirror, a shadow brush and an awesome primer. Now it’s on my wish list!

Stay tuned and expect many more wish list from other countries' people in the remaining two weeks until Christmas & if you think you're wish list is just as good as this one, email me yours & maybe we can manage to get it out there ;) x

P.S.: Don't forget about the Christmas 2012 Giveaway - makeup products, accessories, perfumes...and four winners on the 24th! Enter today!


  1. i loooove the macaron boxes :D

  2. Moschino Iphone cover is amazing! :)

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