What They Want For Christmas - Carolina's Wishlist

Christmas Wish Lists from People All Around the World 
Dominican edition

This year I decided to ask my friends from foreign countries to tell me what they wanted for Christmas this year so you'll not only know what my little Hungarian heart's longing for but you'll get a glimpse of other nationalities' tastes, needs & desires as well. In today's post, meet my friend, Carolina from the Dominican Republic.

#1: Sabon's Face Polisher ($29)    
This face scrub is amazing!  Leaves my face feeling soft, looking clear and most importantly refreshed as it gives the skin a minty fresh energy boost.  It’s not exactly a bargain (Cost me 27 euros at the Sabon store in Amsterdam) but I can assure you won’t be disappointed with it.  I wouldn’t mind anything Sabon under my Christmas tree.

I am a huge fan of satchels.  The mix of light blue and black of this one is absolutely lovely. Looks delicate yet spacious enough to hold up all the “necessary” stuff us women carry. 

Living in the Caribbean, there’s no need for heavy jackets but I’m convinced that every girl must own a leather jacket,  may it be faux or real leather is irrelevant.   This jacket is a steal for $44.80 dollars, loving the studded shoulders. 

#4: Asos top (€90) 
It’s not Christmas without sparkle.  This top is so much fun, the richness of the blue and the details of gold, makes it perfect for any party at Christmas time. Let the five year old in me come out…It’s just so SHINY!

Black is such a lovely color for blouses.  The polka dots on the collar and the gold studs for buttons makes this blouse feminine with an edgy feel.

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  1. Nice wishlist. Hope that she got everything she wanted.



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