What I Want for Christmas - My Wish List

It always sucks to come up with what I want for Christmas, mostly  because I don't need anything but I want so many things. This wish list contains the four things I'm drooling over the most right now.

Simple. Feminine. Practical. The new 'IT'-bag if you ask me. 

There are not too many things out there I'd literally do anything to have, but this is definitely one of them. I know studs are so last season, but I honestly don't give an eff, I'm in love with them.

Gee I know it's probably the most unnecessary thing ever but it's so pretty!

Well one always needs a good pair of headphones...and these are cute. And made by Marc Jacobs.

All images & prices from net-a-porter.com!

Ever since August I have this weird obsession with men's watches. This is probably the most perfect piece I could wish for - it's simple and I'm a fan of the black leather strap.

Tell me what your wish list contains of this Christmas & if you like mine. Leave a comment below x

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1 comment:

  1. love that Tory Burch's Priscilla bag. although it's very expensive for me, don't know Santa that rich :) but hopefully you will get everything from your list :)


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