Long-Haul Flight Beauty Regime

Oh, the flight...it's a long-haul flight, 10 hours. I like flying, I love planes, I even like airplane food, but hey, the air is sickeningly dry. My hair, my skin, my eyes...they need around 2 days of regeneration time after a flight this long & I'm telling you, I never look worse than when I get off a plane. At least it was like that until I realized I could use those 8-10 hours to have a spa time!!
So by now I have an actual long-haul flight beauty regime that I do every time I have to fly more than 3 hours straight. What do I do?
  • I use Joico's Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm when I wash my hair before the flight - it's a hydrating hair mask you have to leave on for 5 mins and just rinse it off & it leaves your hair real smooth and soft.
    Before drying my hair, I use Joico's K-PAK Leave-in Protectant which is an actually weightless conditioning foam. If I don't use these (despite the fact I use about 7 more hair products to keep my hair put & healthy) I have the craziest things going on on my head, my hear gets all static, flies around and dries out. It literally does punish me for traveling abroad.
    Oh, and I have my hair in pigtails throughout the flight so when I undo them before I get off the plane it's wavy in a very polished way. 
  • I put on only a tiny bit of concealer & pressed powder before I go to the airport but I immediately wash them off when I get on the plane. Sometimes when I don't have as much to cover I even replace pressed powder with talcum powder, it prevents getting shiny.
  • As I don't have any makeup on on the plane, I put on a face mask (this time it'll be an Image Skincare Vitamin C Hydrating Enzyme Masque) and a really thick layer of eye cream & lip balm. I remove the mask with a face wipe (possibly a moisturizing one) when I feel my face hydrated enough.
  • I use hand cream (any kind really) to keep my hands from drying out and I put some of the cream on my elbows & knees as well.
  • Before I get off the plane I put on tinted moisturizer (MAC Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15), tinted lip balm (Labello), concealer, powder & mascara. It's a really minimalistic look but why would you need more going to the hotel from the airport? 

Since it's usually pretty cold on board, I bring a pair of leggings and a huge zip hoodie to change into. I change back before landing of course, this way I won't even get my clothes all creasy. 

I always bring deodorant, body wipes, talcum powder, hand sanitizer, eyedrops and a hairbrush (just in case) in my carry-on bag with me, travel sizes of course. 

Drinking is a must when on board, but not alcohol. Unfortunately, even though makes the flight more enjoyable, alcohol dehydrates so one has to drink water, lots of it. 

Okay so what is your beauty routine on board? How do you survive a long flight & stay pretty? Share your habits in a comment below x


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