Long-Haul Flight Beauty Regime

Oh, the flight...it's a long-haul flight, 10 hours. I like flying, I love planes, I even like airplane food, but hey, the air is sickeningly dry. My hair, my skin, my eyes...they need around 2 days of regeneration time after a flight this long & I'm telling you, I never look worse than when I get off a plane. At least it was like that until I realized I could use those 8-10 hours to have a spa time!!
So by now I have an actual long-haul flight beauty regime that I do every time I have to fly more than 3 hours straight. What do I do?
  • I use Joico's Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm when I wash my hair before the flight - it's a hydrating hair mask you have to leave on for 5 mins and just rinse it off & it leaves your hair real smooth and soft.
    Before drying my hair, I use Joico's K-PAK Leave-in Protectant which is an actually weightless conditioning foam. If I don't use these (despite the fact I use about 7 more hair products to keep my hair put & healthy) I have the craziest things going on on my head, my hear gets all static, flies around and dries out. It literally does punish me for traveling abroad.
    Oh, and I have my hair in pigtails throughout the flight so when I undo them before I get off the plane it's wavy in a very polished way. 
  • I put on only a tiny bit of concealer & pressed powder before I go to the airport but I immediately wash them off when I get on the plane. Sometimes when I don't have as much to cover I even replace pressed powder with talcum powder, it prevents getting shiny.
  • As I don't have any makeup on on the plane, I put on a face mask (this time it'll be an Image Skincare Vitamin C Hydrating Enzyme Masque) and a really thick layer of eye cream & lip balm. I remove the mask with a face wipe (possibly a moisturizing one) when I feel my face hydrated enough.
  • I use hand cream (any kind really) to keep my hands from drying out and I put some of the cream on my elbows & knees as well.
  • Before I get off the plane I put on tinted moisturizer (MAC Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15), tinted lip balm (Labello), concealer, powder & mascara. It's a really minimalistic look but why would you need more going to the hotel from the airport? 

Since it's usually pretty cold on board, I bring a pair of leggings and a huge zip hoodie to change into. I change back before landing of course, this way I won't even get my clothes all creasy. 

I always bring deodorant, body wipes, talcum powder, hand sanitizer, eyedrops and a hairbrush (just in case) in my carry-on bag with me, travel sizes of course. 

Drinking is a must when on board, but not alcohol. Unfortunately, even though makes the flight more enjoyable, alcohol dehydrates so one has to drink water, lots of it. 

Okay so what is your beauty routine on board? How do you survive a long flight & stay pretty? Share your habits in a comment below x


Peplum - an Ancient Trend back after 2500 Years

Peplum is another big trend this season, it's probably going to get even bigger by 2013. 

Peplum is an overskirt, or a type of elongated hem resembling a short skirt that is usually attached to a fitted jacket, blouse, skirt or dress. 

The origin of peplum is an ancient greek garment, peplos, which was "a tubular cloth folded inside-out from the top about halfway down, altering what was the top of the tube to the waist and the bottom of the tube to ankle-length" and was worn around 500 BC. 

Peplos disappeared for 2500 years, then reappeared on the runways. Today you can find dozens of peplum pieces for an affordable price - ASOS sells them even in plus size version.

Now I only have one question left - is peplum actually a good choice for the curvy ladies? 
I'm not sure if it's flattering enough, I'm not sure which parts it highlights and which parts does it cover... I've read different opinions, some think it's a rather good idea for those who have a little tummy to hide or wider hips, some say it's made for skinny minnies and it's exactly the type of clothing only those can wear who look good in everything. What do you think? 

Leave a comment below & let me know what you think of peplum! x


Beat the Heat

The 20th is one of the biggest national holidays in Hungary, it's a long weekend which means everyone is out of town, went to Lake Balaton, tanning and chilling on the beach all day.

Those few, such as myself and my boyfriend, who stuck in the city, are trying to survive in the unbearable heat in many different ways. Our way to cope is turning the fan on, darkening the room and waiting until the Sun goes down to leave the apartment, but I know other people have to run errands and do stuff even in 35 degrees so I put together 5 outfits I would recommend wearing in this weather.

Leopard print is big. Not only in this season, but it has been big for like years now. The light chifon blouse and the loafers with the studs are pretty simple pieces, still they spice up the outfit. High waisted denim shorts with lacey details & golden chain bracelet - this look is my no. 1. fave!

Light floral maxi dress and accessories in the shades of magenta - bold, fresh look for the summer! Despite the elegant touch the maxi dress gives the outfit, it's all confortable & casual with the soft loafers and the cross-body purse.

The skirt represents this season's huge trend, the "high-low", and gives the outfit a trendy theme, still all the other pieces are simple and basic - the tight white tank and nude accessories without jewelry highlights the tailoring of the skirt even more.

  I love jumpsuites, the most practical pieces a girl can own. This is a feminine beige piece with simple thin sandals and matching watch, combined with a barely-there color purse, perfect for an afternoon with the girls or an afternoon of blogging in Starbucks.  

Finally, the classic boyfriend-style look with pretty little heart-detail themed accessories, defined by the color blue. The collarless shirt is a loose, light piece, the check-pattern traditionally goes great with the jeans shorts. The most noticable piece is the bold blue cross-body purse.  

Leave a comment below, tell me what do you like to wear when the heat kicks in, and rate the looks above x


Hellraisers by UNIF

I have this sick obsession with spikes on anything and everything, so when I found UNIF's Hellraisers loafers on their website, I was like I soooo want that!, so I ordered and now a received the most amazing pair of shoes ever. I am in love.

The spikes are really spiky, it hurts a lot to put the shoes on but it's worth it, oh it is... 

You can buy the UNIF Hellraisers here, and since I placed my order, they stocked in with more colors, indigo, cheetah print, red, pink, etc. I'm about to start a collection.

Leave a comment below, let me know what you think x 


Medit Summer Fashion 2012 - IX. edition by Emma Sasanelli

As it reached its ninth edition, the Medit Summer Fashion, promoted by the homonymous association and the Butterfly Agency, is an unmissable appointment by now. On the 12th July 20102, Antonella Parziale and Denny Mendez presented the event in the historic Ferrarese square in Bari. Drawing their inspiration from the seven Deadly Sins theme, boys and girls from all Italy entered the haute couture for new stylists and the photography competitions. The panel, presided over by Michele Miglionico and composed of Florisa Sciannamea, Roberto Guarducci, Daniela Mazzacane and Enrico Klimt Morisco, awarded the prizes to Lucrezia Pastoressa for her dresses and to Nicola Di Corrado for his photos.

During the night the a/w 2012-2013 proposals by CityModa (a huge stores chain whose motto is “passion for fashion”) had been presented; clothing by Massimo Orsini (stylist who has always made use of female body study as a base to realize his projects for enhancing female shapes; the imaginative and various coiffures by Mimì Colonna and his valued collaborators.
The city of Bari, due to its geographical position, in the course of its history has always represented a meeting point for the western culture and the eastern one: this year three awesome Balkan stylists made their contribution to the Medit Summer Fashion.

Zoran Boskovic, whose work has always been spurred on by passion for fashion and for art, took inspiration from the sea and presented a collection made up with soft shades and cuts. Iva Stefanovic, on the contrary, used one of this season trends, fluo colors, for the complex geometries of her clothing. On the other hand, a mix of tradition and innovation is the key to success for Anastazija Miranovic.

The fashion show for big names ended with Michele Miglionico’s dresses. The stylist, who imagined to dress up with bright and everlasting colours (like gold, black and red) a sophisticated and cosmopolitan woman. To embody this model there was the stunning Sherlyn Furneau, Miss Seychelles 2012, a real goddess in her golden dress designed by Miglionico.


When Mini meets Maxi - Hi-Lo Inspiration

Hi-Lo hemline tops and dresses have been huge on the runway ever since Spring '11, but nowadays they're all over the place - girls on the street wear them, celebrities wear them and cheap knock-offs are being made (which are not so bad at all). Here's a few inspiring photo of types of hi-los.

See other inspirational photo collections here!
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