Men's Swimwear - Not Only for the Beach

Believe it or not, summer’s not just about beaches. And if travelling to the beach means making a seventy-mile round-trip, don’t worry. There are plenty of other places that you can wear the latest and trendiest swimwear. 
Here’s a rundown of some styles that will look as good beside the pool as they do around town. Check out the range of men’s swimwear from Very.co.uk to find one that’s right for you.

Bermuda shorts

Classic Bermuda shorts can be worn anywhere you like. They were originally designed for policeman in Bermuda to avoid overheating while on duty, but these days, Bermuda shorts conjure up images of sun, sea and surf. A pair of Bermudas can make for a very summery look, especially when paired with anything from a denim shirt to a V-neck or thin cardigan.

Checked shorts

Inspired as much by country pursuits such as polo as they are by life near the sea, checked polo shorts are another great reason to wear swimwear around town. Just pair them with something simple to avoid looking over-cluttered.

Tapered trunks

Tapered trunks can look extremely sophisticated when teamed with a well-ironed white shirt. Simple, casual and effortlessly cool, this has long been the choice of film stars and celebrities gracing the shops and shores of the French Riviera. Adding a pair of aviators to the mix will undoubtedly help you achieve that played-down film star look.

Bright coloured shorts

Bright shorts are as at home on the beaches of Ibiza as they are in the bars and clubs of Britain’s most exciting cities. Mixing a pair of 90’s-inspired above-the-knee shorts, in pink, yellow or blue, with a short sleeved black shirt is the perfect way to achieve a fun and stylish look.

If you’re planning to stay poolside for most of the day before heading out in the evening, bright shorts are a great way to plan out an outfit. What’s more, they won’t need changing when you head into town.

Retro trunks

Retro trunks aren’t just made for the beach either. With an incredible range of patterns available, these are great for athletic figures. Pick a pair in green or red and pair them with a white vest top for that authentic 70’s look.

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Best of Jeffrey Campbell

Even though I can not wear heels, because I'm too tall, I appreciate a fancy pair of them. I would even start a collection just so I can watch them if a had a few thousand dollars to spare.
Anyways, my new favorite designer is Jeffrey Campbell, the master of platforms. I started following his Instagram (I'm so painfully generation Y) a few weeks ago and I can't help but admire all of his work! 

Jeffrey Campbell platforms are not only very in at the moment, they're also sexy, feminine and said to be surprisingly comfortable. Let me show you my 7 favorite designs by JC (in no particular order)!

Elegant Stud 

light pink glitter 

stars and stripes

LITA Neoprene
yellow purple black

Night LITA
baby pink suede

Night Walk
black suede

beige silver

I must admit my favorite is the last one, the Prickly beige silver. These Jeffrey Campbell platforms are definitely to-die-for! I love heel-less shoes even though I can't imagine how anyone can actually walk in those. 

Alright, I know it seems like I've been lazy in the past weeks but that's false, I had exams & I was abroad (in the magical city of Paris again, post about what I bought in Sephora coming soon) but I'm back now, summer break's here and I promise I'll manage to find time to blog. 

P.S.: Follow me on Instagram here or search my username (bianca_koka)! x

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