Ring Finger Inspiration

The latest trend in nail painting, individualizing your ring finger, is traditionally (well at least as traditionally as possible, considering how long nail painting has been existing) meant to draw attention to the ring finger to show if one’s single and independent, free from any obligations. Nowadays I think it just expresses that you’re a self-ruling woman with and incredible sense of style.

I started to paint my nails like that about 2 months ago when I saw a picture on Tumblr in which the girl’s nails were neon pink, except for the ring finger nails those were oh-so-glamorously sparkly gold. I fell in love right away and copied the look that night. Since then, guys are all like „why would you do that?” and girls are like „OMG that’s so cool!”. Men just don’t get this, right?
Unfortunately I’m never contented with the pictures I’m taking of my nails 
(you know, I have thoughts like „Gosh, my fingers look gross!” or „My hands look so fat!” and such), thus I don’t have any photos of my own but luckily amazing MAC makeup artist friend of mine, Fruzsi follows this trend too and she takes great pictures those she shares on Instagram, Facebook and her fabulous blog, Rouge Attitude (follow her on Facebook here and on GFC here) – now I can show you her photos, and a little selection from all around the World Wide Web.

Fruzsi's Photos

When you put glitter on top of the color to highlight ring finger...

When you use a completely different nail polish... 

When you only decorate the ring finger (and this is probably my favorite, especially how Fruzsi did it)...

Once again, you can see more of Fruzsi's fantastic nail polish collection and the gorgeous makeup she does on her blog, here!


And the last one to show you how my nails look at the moment (I accidentally found it online, but this is exactly how I painted them last night)...

Leave a comment below, let us know what you think of this trend and which type is your favorite and tell us what your nails look like today! xo

Big thanks to Fruzsi for letting me use her photos! 


  1. Great looks!!


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    Samantha <3

  3. I adore this post! I've been doing the different coloured ring finger for a couple of years now and it never grows old.

    I'm loving the blue and pea green pic - it's so fresh.

    Personally, I decorate do my ring finger in rhinestones and keep my other nails a pillar box red - it's time consuming but the finished look is fab :)

    love your posts

    Amy, - quirkyqueen93


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