First of all I need to sincerely apologize for not writing in the past 2 (or so) months. Life hasn't been an easy ride for me lately, I've been busy and had no time to work at all. 
I spent the past months almost entirely in Paris. The city of love indeed, I must say - I fell in love with it right away and I don't even know how to describe the ambiance of it (or her, maybe? I would say it's definitely a her) properly without underestimating everything this wonderful place has to offer.
Apart from the great friendships I found here (as I'm writing this I'm already on my way to London on the TGV Eurostar) and from the cultural shock seeing all the differences from my country caused me, I experienced the magic of being Parisienne for a while, which will always remain a turning point in my life. It's not just that I could finally see what chic actually means (I know I tried and tried to describe it but got nowhere even after hours of digging on the Internet), it's the whole lifestyle, the way the French, the Parisian think, the way they behave. As I'm a pretty adaptable person and as the Parisian lifestyle is most definitely an appealing one, I could say I got to pick up some of the attitude. I mean I can throw away the one-way metro ticket and feel safe afterwards after getting through the entrance gate, despite all the guide books' warnings to keep the tickets until leaving the metro. So hardcore, right? 
Anyways, as I still consider my blog a priority in my life and a site to share my fashion experiences, I have a million things to write about by now, I swear to God I'll be a good blogger from now on. Mostly because I am officially home schooled starting from the 8th of January and now I have a lot of time on my hands - all I have left to do is learn French on a B2 level and write. Write a lot. 


  1. Welcome back:) Great blog !! FOllowing you on Facebook, Google, and Bloglovin':)
    Hope You can come and join me too:)


  2. We need some pictures of your trip to Paris! :)

    xoxo Emma


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