Anna Dello Russo @ Dante 5 by Emma Sasanelli

I’ve just reached the Dante 5 store, it’s 18.30 p.m. on the 3rd of December 2011 and just a shop window separates me from Anna Dello Russo, one of the acknowledged fashion icons of our times.

Anna Dello Russo has already begun to create, she moves wisely among the clothing and accessories to choose the most suitable look for each lucky woman who can pose as a model for her just for one evening.

I go into the shop where I can observe her better. She wears a light-blue Fausto Puglisi dress, whose characteristic shape sets off her statuesque body sculpted by fitness training, embellished with golden clothing facings. She has a black hat with a spotted veil and golden and silver exceptionally high-heeled shoes.

With mastery, Anna makes use of everything that has been provided for her and gives the staff all the necessary instructions to put her ideas into action. Feathers, clutches, make up products and brushes wait on a big glass table. The crowd and many cameras don’t intimidate her as she’s always under the spotlight. She comes across as being helpful to her fans as they ask her for a picture together.

So she completes the last outfit, poses with a box full of cupcakes decorated with little portraits of her and the “J’adr” quip and she dedicates herself to her  admirers. It’s finally my turn to smile by her. I shyly take a step forward, just the time needed for a shot and I thank her. “Thanks to you!” she answers me, smiling warmly.


Gifting Tips for Christmas - For Your Mom

I don’t know about you, but I find it extremely important every year to get my Mom the best gift ever, and it’s never easy. I believe it’s equally important for you too so I have decided to try to help you out this year, whether you are on a budget or have unlimited cash to spend on making Mommy happy!

A Nice Tradition – Charm Bracelet
Buying your Mother a pretty little charm bracelet can either be a kind of investment or a nice tradition which is going to make Christmas gifting easier every year. If you get the plain, basic charm bracelet with one pendant for the first time, like, this year, you can get a new charm every Christmas over the next few years and as your budget grows, so will the charms that you can afford. Gifting for your Mom will never be a struggle anymore, also it’s a huge plus that you can made a charm bracelet as personal as you want by adding symbolic pendants to the collection year by year.

On a Budget – Thomas Sabo
The Expensive Choice – Tiffany & Co.

Thomas Sabo makes urban-style, funky, colorful as well as elegant and fancy sterling silver charms that you can apply on either a simple chain-like bracelet or even various types of gemstone bracelets.
His designs include a Mom & Baby collection of pendants out of which I chose the charm above.
Tiffany’s fine sterling silver chain with this great, white gold, heart shaped classic Tiffany tag charm with diamonds is not cheap for sure, but it’s undoubtedly elegant, stylish and well, it’s a status symbol in a way.
Also, these things never will get oxidated, thus they will last your Mom a lifetime. 

The Essential for Women – Makeup Brush Travel Kit
The quality of makeup you apply is important , but it’s also crucial to use the right brushes. The smoothness of your makeup application doesn’t only depend on the brushes, but it’s also healthier for the skin to use real good quality pieces and achieve an evenness and natural look.
These travel kits of makeup brushes are great in many ways: your Mom can carry them around in her pouch to use anytime she needs a quick fix of her makeup; it’s essential to have the most important brushes in one handy little kit; and all of the brushes in both of the kits I recommend are some of the best quality brushes available on the market.

The Expensive Choice - Les Minis de Chanel
On a Budget - MAC Glitter & Ice Brush Kit

Chanel makes some of the best quality makeup products as well as accessories, such as lash curlers and brushes. Chanel undoubtedly works with the finest materials and they’re not concentrated on making their product for the least possible price to make them available to a wider audience; they know they are actually a lifestyle symbol now.
These six fine little brushes are all you need to apply perfect makeup.

MAC is a professional makeup producer, their every collection is a delight for the eyes as well as it is for the skin – they also work with fantastic materials, mostly natural and their brushes are famous for their trustworthy-ness. I adore these five brushes in their original size already and it’s even better that this kit is a special holiday collectible!

Leave a comment, let us know what you think, and tell us what you got your Mom for Christmas this year! x
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