Tips for Everything for Winter - Coats Edition

I never really had a great coat. I know, right? Everyone has a favorite-ever coat. Well I wore a huge, puffy Adidas coat for 3 years in a row, until like 2008 or 2009. It sounds horrible and, well, it was horrible but it kept me warm for sure. 
Later I bought a Mango coat, a fairly short one, it was really in around that time. I still have that one, but since then, I found my favorite coats. Two of them.

The first one I got in 2009. It was October and my dad was just back from a business trip to the United States. Earlier I showed him on the Ralph Lauren website a 100% wool, double buttoned, dark blue coat with a red stripe on it. The coat cost more than $800, but I knew my dad liked it too so I was pretty excited when he came home with this big Ralph Lauren logo box. I got the coat indeed and it’s been my favorite ever since.

The second coat is from the USA as well as the other one, only this one I bought myself in Manhattan at the Union Square Filene’s Basement. The coat is a Jones New York label, navy blue coat with special, golden locks on it instead of buttons. I can’t describe them properly, but these locks make it truly special, as well as the 2-2 golden buttons on each sleeve of the piece.
It’s not that suitable for the Winter though, not so warm, but it’s amazing in Fall and Spring. It’s elegant enough to wear anywhere, anytime, still stylish enough to even wear to school. I wish I could wear it when it’s colder.

Now that I found my favorites, I know exactly why they’re great. First of all, they are timeless pieces. Never go for coats you see on the runway recently. Think years, not just seasons ahead! Also, forget what looks good on supermodels – find a piece that suits your figure!


· knee-length or just above the knee coats help to create the illusion of height
· thigh-high or knee-high boots elongate the legs
· belted trenches break up the body in a gorgeous way
· always make sure to check the arm length, if your wrists are exposed, the coat is too small
· thin tweeds
· no pastels, horizontal stripes, belted coats or big pockets on the hips
· go for above the knee or mid-calf lengths
· belted coats work well, they highlight your waistline
· avoid padding, especially around the bottom area
· go for military cuts and belted waist coats
· if you’re flat chested, make sure the coat doesn’t look as if you borrowed it from someone with big boobs

Although we all love aesthetically pleasing stuff for a low price, it’s not necessarily what you need when it comes to coats. Reconsider your budget and pay just as much as you can afford for a great coat – it will serve you well for years! My RL coat was $800 and is already spending it’s third season with me – buying one or two new numbers every season would probably have cost a lot more than that.
It’s very important to analyze the model before you purchase it. Check the details! Are the linings okay? That one is really important! They should be sewn well and sit comfortably against the fabric, as linings that are too tight can easily tear! Also, see if buttons or any kind of embellishments are properly fastened.
Fabrics are pretty important too. Never skimp on fabric! I would go for wool if I were to buy a winter coat. Synthetic fabrics with cashmere content for example crease easily and your coat will wear out quickly.
When you buy a piece of clothing, it’s always important to get something that suits your complexion, right? It works that way with coats as well, actually even more as you wear a coat lot more often then a tank top or a cardi for example.


· avoid pale yellows, pinks or greens
· go for bold colors or if you want more elegant and timeless numbers look for deep tones, berry colors, black, browns, plum or shades of navy

· lucky you, almost anything suits you, it makes shopping a lot easier
· rich tweeds in luxurious colors look great on you

· greens and browns definitely suit you
· avoid bright oranges and pinks
· chocolate color and deep blackberry are fantastic for redheads

In the last – and probably the next – few seasons, trench coats and A-line coats are the best choices. In the Winter 2011/2012, full-length "maxi” coats are in, as are blanket coats. Faux fur pieces, capes and knitted numbers are also big this season, though I’m not sure how long they will be in.
Vogue’s got a
great gallery on 2011/2012 coats, and you can find a slideshow about affordable pieces on Refinery 29!

Leave a comment below and let us know about your favorite coat and what you think is important when buying a new coat! x


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  2. The first thing in knowing how to pick a winter coat is understanding fabric. The best fabrics to keep you warm are wool and cashmere.


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