Tips for Everything for Winter - Boots Edition

I always have a kind of fear when winter seems to come our way faster and faster. I know my health and not getting a cold is way more important than looking good, but I just can’t take having to sacrifice style for keeping myself toasty. 
Luckily as years go by, there are more and more great boots on the market so boots can now be practical and fashionable additions to your wardrobe

This season, my two favorite pairs I own: ankle boots with studs on the front by Italian nowhere-to-be-found-on-the-internet label Spada and a pair of Tommy Hilfiger knee high boots whose feet are rubber, the rest is TH logo textile. Both are black, both go well with amost anything and both are in, not too trendy though.
Unfortunately being trendy is not the most important thing when it comes to buying boots - what the sole of the boots is like is, though.
Most of the fashion brands make winter-like boots but do not take traction or tread into account and the pair of boots you purchase is great until the first snowy, icy day.
If the sole is made of the right materials such as Thermolite and Thinsulate, it gives the boots great insulation that will keep your feet warm. Rubber and/or thermoplastic rubber are the best materials for traction and warmth alike.
The best fabrics are waterproof leather and suede, because they are natural and can be long lasting if one cares for them well. Urethane and nylon are also good as long as they are treated to be waterproof. They're usually easy to care for and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

I think most importantly it’s essential to have boots that you feel warm enough. That’s what some of us sacrifice for looking good, I used to have plenty of pairs that looked fabulous and were comfortable as well but I had to wear 2-3 pairs of socks underneath them as they were not insulated enough. I should have bought better boots, I know now, looking back.

I can surely say there’s only one timeless style of boots: riding boots. Riding boots are the best investment really. Ralph Lauren for example makes great riding boots, mostly leather pairs, but since it’s really trendy in basically every season – I see a lot of girls wear shorts and riding boots at Summer festivals, which doesn’t make any sense if you ask me, but looks goot for sure and probably that is what they are going for – most of the cheaper labels make them too, only they won’t survive more than one or two seasons and won’t be so good quality and practical.

Ralph Lauren, Hannes und Mauritz, Sam Edelman

In this season, you see ankle boots with a touch of military style all around the place. Some of them are fur trimmed or even entirely furry on the inside which is great because they keep you warm, but sometimes they look hideous, they make your feet look rather puffy. It’s important to know that these boots are not feminine at all, so if you go for a ladylike-look, this is not what you’re looking for. These pairs are for those who like to dress casually and who are not afraid of something different. Such boots are often worn with leg-warmers and tights with shorts or skirts which gives one a trendy and rather excentric look.
When looking for such boots, you’ll find a lot of hiking-boots-like pairs, which are practical for a ski trip when you walk around in the snow all day, but are not so pretty and not very chic when running errands in the city.

Some of the people, the real denim lovers, who - unlike me - wear jeans a lot, say it’s good to focus on your favorite pair of jeans when looking for boots. They say it’s important to get a pair that looks - if not real good but - at least satisfying with your favorite pair of denim. This might be true, but there are a lot of other ways to wear your winter boots!

Skirts and Shorts

thanks to skinny jeans, now you can tuck your jeans into your tall boots without making it look as if you tried to shove a bag of potatoes in there and you don’t have to hide your knee-high or even longer pairs under the legs of a loose pair of jeans

high heeled, pointy-toed boots, either ankle-high or knee-high, give you professional look with a really feminine touch, only made sure it doesn’t look as if you were an escort lady

avoid high heels and ankle-length – high heels with short skirts and shorts would look good in a nightclub only, angle-high pairs can give you thunder tighs and thick calves – but always wear thick tights; try tigh-high boots too, not high heeled pairs though – I love to wear tigh-highs with short dresses and tights

Rubber boots or rain boots are a mistery. I love them, they are utterly practical, no doubt about it, but some of them are sooo ugly I can’t even put it in words. Thank God for Vivienne Westwood’s ankle-high rain booties (although I own a pair and the golden buttons fell out of it the first day I worn them) which look fabulous – after she made them, a lot of brands began to make similar pairs and now there are a lot of pretty ones out there!
When buying mid-calf-high rubber boots, buy one size larger, as they will be loose on your calves and won’t make them look thick and wear double socks so you won’t slip out of the boots and because they are usually not so warm, based on my experiences.
Rubber boots look good with skinny jeans or leggings, but I wouldn’t really encourage you to wear them with dresses or skirts, although – once again – a lot of people wear them with mini skirts, shorts and short dresses on festival days in Summer.

UGGS, they are another ambivalent type of boots. Let’s face it, most of those look horrible, make your feet bulky and gives you elephant legs. On the other hand, they are fantastic - all furry on the inside, warm and come in different lengths and designs. Except for the Jimmy Choo pair I wrote about in my Christmas wishlist, I would never wear UGGS on purpose. I did a few times though, when all my boots were bad for winter and all I had left were two pairs of UGGS knock-offs – shame on me, I enjoyed how comfy they were and I just didn’t care. I regret this part of my past now. 

Leave a comment, let us know about your favorite types of boots and your good/bad experiences! x

Stay tuned for the Tips for Everything for Winter - Accessories Edition!


  1. Of course you'd never look for snow boots with heels, but when it comes to winter fashion boots, you can get a bit of added height by looking for styles that feature low and mid-height heels.


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