My Christmas Wishlist

It’s always a struggle when it comes to telling my relatives what I want for Christmas. I have and always had everything, I could never really ask for something I needed and it’s the same this year. 
Either way, I made a list for Santa so that he knows what I’m drooling over at the moment.
(And now I’ll just keep on hoping my parents will stumble upon my blog within the next few weeks that there are left until Christmas.)

1. A two-weeks trip to Paris, France

Well this one I’ll probably get. I’ve been learning French intensively for 3 months now, and I’m in love with it. French is stylish, it’s beautiful and it belongs to a magical country that I always adored.
I’m planning on taking a 2 weeks intensive language course there, like 50 French lessons a week, and then I’d have the rest of the day free to just wonder around in Paris... That’d be a dream came true!

2. MacBook Air

I swear I love my good old black MacBook and I wouldn’t want to change it ever if only it wasn’t so slow and weary by now. I use it a lot, it’s on for about 12 hours a day for sure, and now it’s getting a bit annoying that I have to wait for everything to load for so long.
Also, with my cute red laptop bag I could stylishly carry it around, only it’s so damn heavy I rather leave it at home and just fantasize about having it there with me on boring classes at school. 
A beautiful, thin MacBook Air, possibly with a pretty little pink plastic cover would make my life a lot easier, no matter I’d feel I cheated on my dear old current laptop. A MacBook Air would be definitely like a necessary work thing for me by now.

3. iPhone 4

My current iPhone 3GS is a tough little bastard. He sure is - I drop him like 5 times a day and he’s still functioning, although the screen is broken and the home button is malfunctioning from time to time. I’m kind of getting sick of cutting my fingers all the time when texting as they touch the cracks on the glass, and well I’d expect my smartphone to be smart enough not to break down every now and then when I want him to launch a bit more complex apps. I’m a hardcore smartphone addict, Facebook addict, texting addict, I will sure get a mental breakdown if I’m going to have to carry on using this phone, although I swear to God I appreciate he’s still alive at all.

4.      DSquared2 Pump Milly Abrasivato

I still don’t wear high heels and as I’ll probably never get any shorter, I probably won’t even start to wear them in the near future. This wonderful creation could make me sway though.
I have a serious thing for weird shoes, crazy shoes, shoes with strange objects as parts of them, such as the dildo shoe Lady Gaga made famous. I don’t own any as I consider buying shoes I will never wear a waste of money and time alike, but I never fell so hard for a pair of shoes. 
The feminine, yet gritty Oxford pump-ish leather top I find great, as it’s simple but elegant at the same time, it’s sophisticated, still playful in a way, maybe because of the laces. I love every type of Oxford shoes ever since Leighton Meester rocked them as Blair Waldorf in Season 1 of Gossip Girl with a Gant V-neck sweater and a gorgeous red Valentino tote.
The best part of this DSquared2 pair is still the attachment on the sole. It looks exactly as if you wore beautiful, feminine ice skates, but you don’t! Because you only wear these fantastic shoes in which you can walk on anything but ice.

5. Eloquent Air Lipstick by MAC Cosmetics (Glitter and Ice 2011 Collection)

I love MAC Cosmetics, I’m head over heels for basically anything they make, and the pieces of the Glitter and Ice winter collection are no exception.
I was thinking whether I love the face shimmers or this lipstick better, then I decided the lipstick is the winner.
Why? By itself it seems useless. I mean, a silvery-shiny lipstick!? What for? But I just can’t resist the though of layering it over bold colors, giving them a subtle silvery shimmer. Also, I love lipsticks that look almost as if they were lipgloss, my experiences are that such lipsticks look smoother and are easier to wear than lipglosses. A huge plus is that my hair doesn’t stick into them.

UGG Australia & Jimmy Choo Mandah Boots

Not the latest collection and not the chicest piece ever, but as I already mentioned it a few times, I’m such a magpie I love everything shiny, embellished, studded, sequined, glittery, etc. Now these boots are probably the most comfortable type of footwear and they are
studded. I can’t resist. Why should I though? I mean, in my point of view, such shoes, shoes with special details, can spice up an all-black outfit in a blink of an eye.
In my country you don’t get Uggs anywhere, people who have them ordered them or bought them abroad. Jimmy Choo Uggs would be like aliens on my feet here and I would be so proud!

What would you like for Christmas this year? Let us know, leave a comment below!


  1. Very cute post!


  2. i LOVE blair waldorf and gossip girl! all the clothes on the show are so stylish!
    hope you get that trip to paris!!! i've always wanted to learn french too! my mom is fluent...but never taught me!


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