Tips for Everything for Winter - Boots Edition

I always have a kind of fear when winter seems to come our way faster and faster. I know my health and not getting a cold is way more important than looking good, but I just can’t take having to sacrifice style for keeping myself toasty. 
Luckily as years go by, there are more and more great boots on the market so boots can now be practical and fashionable additions to your wardrobe

This season, my two favorite pairs I own: ankle boots with studs on the front by Italian nowhere-to-be-found-on-the-internet label Spada and a pair of Tommy Hilfiger knee high boots whose feet are rubber, the rest is TH logo textile. Both are black, both go well with amost anything and both are in, not too trendy though.
Unfortunately being trendy is not the most important thing when it comes to buying boots - what the sole of the boots is like is, though.
Most of the fashion brands make winter-like boots but do not take traction or tread into account and the pair of boots you purchase is great until the first snowy, icy day.
If the sole is made of the right materials such as Thermolite and Thinsulate, it gives the boots great insulation that will keep your feet warm. Rubber and/or thermoplastic rubber are the best materials for traction and warmth alike.
The best fabrics are waterproof leather and suede, because they are natural and can be long lasting if one cares for them well. Urethane and nylon are also good as long as they are treated to be waterproof. They're usually easy to care for and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

I think most importantly it’s essential to have boots that you feel warm enough. That’s what some of us sacrifice for looking good, I used to have plenty of pairs that looked fabulous and were comfortable as well but I had to wear 2-3 pairs of socks underneath them as they were not insulated enough. I should have bought better boots, I know now, looking back.

I can surely say there’s only one timeless style of boots: riding boots. Riding boots are the best investment really. Ralph Lauren for example makes great riding boots, mostly leather pairs, but since it’s really trendy in basically every season – I see a lot of girls wear shorts and riding boots at Summer festivals, which doesn’t make any sense if you ask me, but looks goot for sure and probably that is what they are going for – most of the cheaper labels make them too, only they won’t survive more than one or two seasons and won’t be so good quality and practical.

Ralph Lauren, Hannes und Mauritz, Sam Edelman

In this season, you see ankle boots with a touch of military style all around the place. Some of them are fur trimmed or even entirely furry on the inside which is great because they keep you warm, but sometimes they look hideous, they make your feet look rather puffy. It’s important to know that these boots are not feminine at all, so if you go for a ladylike-look, this is not what you’re looking for. These pairs are for those who like to dress casually and who are not afraid of something different. Such boots are often worn with leg-warmers and tights with shorts or skirts which gives one a trendy and rather excentric look.
When looking for such boots, you’ll find a lot of hiking-boots-like pairs, which are practical for a ski trip when you walk around in the snow all day, but are not so pretty and not very chic when running errands in the city.

Some of the people, the real denim lovers, who - unlike me - wear jeans a lot, say it’s good to focus on your favorite pair of jeans when looking for boots. They say it’s important to get a pair that looks - if not real good but - at least satisfying with your favorite pair of denim. This might be true, but there are a lot of other ways to wear your winter boots!

Skirts and Shorts

thanks to skinny jeans, now you can tuck your jeans into your tall boots without making it look as if you tried to shove a bag of potatoes in there and you don’t have to hide your knee-high or even longer pairs under the legs of a loose pair of jeans

high heeled, pointy-toed boots, either ankle-high or knee-high, give you professional look with a really feminine touch, only made sure it doesn’t look as if you were an escort lady

avoid high heels and ankle-length – high heels with short skirts and shorts would look good in a nightclub only, angle-high pairs can give you thunder tighs and thick calves – but always wear thick tights; try tigh-high boots too, not high heeled pairs though – I love to wear tigh-highs with short dresses and tights

Rubber boots or rain boots are a mistery. I love them, they are utterly practical, no doubt about it, but some of them are sooo ugly I can’t even put it in words. Thank God for Vivienne Westwood’s ankle-high rain booties (although I own a pair and the golden buttons fell out of it the first day I worn them) which look fabulous – after she made them, a lot of brands began to make similar pairs and now there are a lot of pretty ones out there!
When buying mid-calf-high rubber boots, buy one size larger, as they will be loose on your calves and won’t make them look thick and wear double socks so you won’t slip out of the boots and because they are usually not so warm, based on my experiences.
Rubber boots look good with skinny jeans or leggings, but I wouldn’t really encourage you to wear them with dresses or skirts, although – once again – a lot of people wear them with mini skirts, shorts and short dresses on festival days in Summer.

UGGS, they are another ambivalent type of boots. Let’s face it, most of those look horrible, make your feet bulky and gives you elephant legs. On the other hand, they are fantastic - all furry on the inside, warm and come in different lengths and designs. Except for the Jimmy Choo pair I wrote about in my Christmas wishlist, I would never wear UGGS on purpose. I did a few times though, when all my boots were bad for winter and all I had left were two pairs of UGGS knock-offs – shame on me, I enjoyed how comfy they were and I just didn’t care. I regret this part of my past now. 

Leave a comment, let us know about your favorite types of boots and your good/bad experiences! x

Stay tuned for the Tips for Everything for Winter - Accessories Edition!


My Christmas Wishlist

It’s always a struggle when it comes to telling my relatives what I want for Christmas. I have and always had everything, I could never really ask for something I needed and it’s the same this year. 
Either way, I made a list for Santa so that he knows what I’m drooling over at the moment.
(And now I’ll just keep on hoping my parents will stumble upon my blog within the next few weeks that there are left until Christmas.)

1. A two-weeks trip to Paris, France

Well this one I’ll probably get. I’ve been learning French intensively for 3 months now, and I’m in love with it. French is stylish, it’s beautiful and it belongs to a magical country that I always adored.
I’m planning on taking a 2 weeks intensive language course there, like 50 French lessons a week, and then I’d have the rest of the day free to just wonder around in Paris... That’d be a dream came true!

2. MacBook Air

I swear I love my good old black MacBook and I wouldn’t want to change it ever if only it wasn’t so slow and weary by now. I use it a lot, it’s on for about 12 hours a day for sure, and now it’s getting a bit annoying that I have to wait for everything to load for so long.
Also, with my cute red laptop bag I could stylishly carry it around, only it’s so damn heavy I rather leave it at home and just fantasize about having it there with me on boring classes at school. 
A beautiful, thin MacBook Air, possibly with a pretty little pink plastic cover would make my life a lot easier, no matter I’d feel I cheated on my dear old current laptop. A MacBook Air would be definitely like a necessary work thing for me by now.

3. iPhone 4

My current iPhone 3GS is a tough little bastard. He sure is - I drop him like 5 times a day and he’s still functioning, although the screen is broken and the home button is malfunctioning from time to time. I’m kind of getting sick of cutting my fingers all the time when texting as they touch the cracks on the glass, and well I’d expect my smartphone to be smart enough not to break down every now and then when I want him to launch a bit more complex apps. I’m a hardcore smartphone addict, Facebook addict, texting addict, I will sure get a mental breakdown if I’m going to have to carry on using this phone, although I swear to God I appreciate he’s still alive at all.

4.      DSquared2 Pump Milly Abrasivato

I still don’t wear high heels and as I’ll probably never get any shorter, I probably won’t even start to wear them in the near future. This wonderful creation could make me sway though.
I have a serious thing for weird shoes, crazy shoes, shoes with strange objects as parts of them, such as the dildo shoe Lady Gaga made famous. I don’t own any as I consider buying shoes I will never wear a waste of money and time alike, but I never fell so hard for a pair of shoes. 
The feminine, yet gritty Oxford pump-ish leather top I find great, as it’s simple but elegant at the same time, it’s sophisticated, still playful in a way, maybe because of the laces. I love every type of Oxford shoes ever since Leighton Meester rocked them as Blair Waldorf in Season 1 of Gossip Girl with a Gant V-neck sweater and a gorgeous red Valentino tote.
The best part of this DSquared2 pair is still the attachment on the sole. It looks exactly as if you wore beautiful, feminine ice skates, but you don’t! Because you only wear these fantastic shoes in which you can walk on anything but ice.

5. Eloquent Air Lipstick by MAC Cosmetics (Glitter and Ice 2011 Collection)

I love MAC Cosmetics, I’m head over heels for basically anything they make, and the pieces of the Glitter and Ice winter collection are no exception.
I was thinking whether I love the face shimmers or this lipstick better, then I decided the lipstick is the winner.
Why? By itself it seems useless. I mean, a silvery-shiny lipstick!? What for? But I just can’t resist the though of layering it over bold colors, giving them a subtle silvery shimmer. Also, I love lipsticks that look almost as if they were lipgloss, my experiences are that such lipsticks look smoother and are easier to wear than lipglosses. A huge plus is that my hair doesn’t stick into them.

UGG Australia & Jimmy Choo Mandah Boots

Not the latest collection and not the chicest piece ever, but as I already mentioned it a few times, I’m such a magpie I love everything shiny, embellished, studded, sequined, glittery, etc. Now these boots are probably the most comfortable type of footwear and they are
studded. I can’t resist. Why should I though? I mean, in my point of view, such shoes, shoes with special details, can spice up an all-black outfit in a blink of an eye.
In my country you don’t get Uggs anywhere, people who have them ordered them or bought them abroad. Jimmy Choo Uggs would be like aliens on my feet here and I would be so proud!

What would you like for Christmas this year? Let us know, leave a comment below!


Thanksgiving 2011 Giveaway Winner

Thank you so much, everyone, for all the entries!

The winner of the Essence by Narciso Rodriguez 
Thanksgiving 2011 Giveaway is
GFC user BohemianSin!

Congratulations to them!

For those who didn't win this time - the Christmas 2011 Giveaway is coming up in a week, so stay tuned ;) 


Tips for Everything for Winter - Coats Edition

I never really had a great coat. I know, right? Everyone has a favorite-ever coat. Well I wore a huge, puffy Adidas coat for 3 years in a row, until like 2008 or 2009. It sounds horrible and, well, it was horrible but it kept me warm for sure. 
Later I bought a Mango coat, a fairly short one, it was really in around that time. I still have that one, but since then, I found my favorite coats. Two of them.

The first one I got in 2009. It was October and my dad was just back from a business trip to the United States. Earlier I showed him on the Ralph Lauren website a 100% wool, double buttoned, dark blue coat with a red stripe on it. The coat cost more than $800, but I knew my dad liked it too so I was pretty excited when he came home with this big Ralph Lauren logo box. I got the coat indeed and it’s been my favorite ever since.

The second coat is from the USA as well as the other one, only this one I bought myself in Manhattan at the Union Square Filene’s Basement. The coat is a Jones New York label, navy blue coat with special, golden locks on it instead of buttons. I can’t describe them properly, but these locks make it truly special, as well as the 2-2 golden buttons on each sleeve of the piece.
It’s not that suitable for the Winter though, not so warm, but it’s amazing in Fall and Spring. It’s elegant enough to wear anywhere, anytime, still stylish enough to even wear to school. I wish I could wear it when it’s colder.

Now that I found my favorites, I know exactly why they’re great. First of all, they are timeless pieces. Never go for coats you see on the runway recently. Think years, not just seasons ahead! Also, forget what looks good on supermodels – find a piece that suits your figure!


· knee-length or just above the knee coats help to create the illusion of height
· thigh-high or knee-high boots elongate the legs
· belted trenches break up the body in a gorgeous way
· always make sure to check the arm length, if your wrists are exposed, the coat is too small
· thin tweeds
· no pastels, horizontal stripes, belted coats or big pockets on the hips
· go for above the knee or mid-calf lengths
· belted coats work well, they highlight your waistline
· avoid padding, especially around the bottom area
· go for military cuts and belted waist coats
· if you’re flat chested, make sure the coat doesn’t look as if you borrowed it from someone with big boobs

Although we all love aesthetically pleasing stuff for a low price, it’s not necessarily what you need when it comes to coats. Reconsider your budget and pay just as much as you can afford for a great coat – it will serve you well for years! My RL coat was $800 and is already spending it’s third season with me – buying one or two new numbers every season would probably have cost a lot more than that.
It’s very important to analyze the model before you purchase it. Check the details! Are the linings okay? That one is really important! They should be sewn well and sit comfortably against the fabric, as linings that are too tight can easily tear! Also, see if buttons or any kind of embellishments are properly fastened.
Fabrics are pretty important too. Never skimp on fabric! I would go for wool if I were to buy a winter coat. Synthetic fabrics with cashmere content for example crease easily and your coat will wear out quickly.
When you buy a piece of clothing, it’s always important to get something that suits your complexion, right? It works that way with coats as well, actually even more as you wear a coat lot more often then a tank top or a cardi for example.


· avoid pale yellows, pinks or greens
· go for bold colors or if you want more elegant and timeless numbers look for deep tones, berry colors, black, browns, plum or shades of navy

· lucky you, almost anything suits you, it makes shopping a lot easier
· rich tweeds in luxurious colors look great on you

· greens and browns definitely suit you
· avoid bright oranges and pinks
· chocolate color and deep blackberry are fantastic for redheads

In the last – and probably the next – few seasons, trench coats and A-line coats are the best choices. In the Winter 2011/2012, full-length "maxi” coats are in, as are blanket coats. Faux fur pieces, capes and knitted numbers are also big this season, though I’m not sure how long they will be in.
Vogue’s got a
great gallery on 2011/2012 coats, and you can find a slideshow about affordable pieces on Refinery 29!

Leave a comment below and let us know about your favorite coat and what you think is important when buying a new coat! x


Black & White Luxury Fashion Show 2011 in Bari by Emma Sasanelli

The incomparable elegance of Michele Miglionico’s Haute Couture reveals itself through the high-quality materials, the precious trimmings,  the fluent and soft shapes of the cocktail and evening dresses I had the pleasure to see. On the occasion of the Black & White Luxury Fashion Show 2011 – for the second time in Bari on 12 - 13th of November – the Butterfly Agency, which organizes awesome fashion events with an expert staff, gave to anyone who wanted, in the prestigious location of the Sheraton Nicolaus Hotel, the possibility to see Miglionico’s masterpieces, whom are appreciated all over the world. 

The guest of honor on Sunday was Stefania Bivone, Miss Italy 2011, whom I met and whose kindness and liveliness contributed to make the experience unforgettable for me. In company with Mimì Colonna, the official hairdresser of Miss Italy, the Miss participated the event. She had been the first to model on the catwalk, followed by the other beautiful models, wearing the twelve creations of the latest collection by the milanese fashion designer. White, black, gold and, above all, red dominated the scene, eye-catching Swarovski elements and delicate lace embellished the dresses.

After the fashion show, while some great dancers were entertaining the crowd with a burlesque performance at the first floor of the hotel, I had the chance to take a look at unique hand-made jewelry by the brand “Il tocco di Minerva”, romantic printed bags by the genius of “Gianni Miniello for Jais”, original and refined dresses from the Venette Waste’s atelier and much more. 
Materials, accessories for interior design, perfumes, shoes, jewels had been perfect novelties and examples of high quality, which “made in Italy” reaches out for. Desires have no limits.

All of the credit for the photography and writing alike goes to Emma Sasanelli.


Essence by Narciso Rodriguez Thanksgiving 2011 Giveaway

I'd like to announce the 
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Now I wish you good luck, I hope I'll make one of you really very happy :) x


S’habiller en Français

France is said to be the homeland of fashion and French is the mother tongue of fashion world. No wonder the style of les femmes française seem to be an eternal object of envy for the women of America and (trust me, I know, I live here) Eastern-Europe. They buy the same labels, sometimes even the same entire outfits, but they don’t understand how come they aren’t magically transformed into Coco Chanel or Vanessa Paradis, both iconic represents of what best describes French style - chic.

French ladies are said to have one rule when it comes to getting dressed, which takes us to the hell of it – less is more
But would that be chic? What does it even really mean? I’ve searched a lot to find a good definition for the word itself, but only one definition could actually state it understandably:

Chic is to fashion what poetry is to prose, cold veal to roast partridge, a gad-fly to a bull. What is chic may, in a sense, be fashionable, but what is fashionable cannot be chic.Anybody can wear and do what is fashionable. It is not fashionable unless a lot of people do it, and have it on - until, in three words that grate rather hard upon the ear in this connection, it is common. Chic cannot be common. You cannot put on another person's chic, as you may her boots or her hats. You cannot copy it. You never know where to look for it.Fashion is incessantly trying to catch chic, but chic won't be caught. If fashion is the monarchy, chic is the revolution. It is the revolution whose watchwords are Liberty, Fancy, and Diversity. And remember, expensive stuff are shoddy. Not Chic." - The New York Times 1977.

I may horribly misunderstand this, but it appears to me that chic is actually an attitude. 
It can not be defined by pieces of clothing or strict elements of style or any concrete ways but it can be defined by naming people as examples of chic. In my head I have this vibrant and colorful mix of culture, personality, uniqueness, the understanding of fashion as a form of art, confidence, class, being effortless and having fun as the definition of chic.

Effortless perfection would be my keyword for it if I wanted to describe the chic clothing style, which is probably a terrible violation of the term itself as, once again, it’s not really a way of dressing.
However, after reading a lot on the topic and now having a clue what I’m talking about, I can bravely write about the original topic that made me title the post the way I titled it - Dress in French.

All that you can read above was just the foreplay. After all those, I do not longer care if saying now I will tell you how to dress chic is entirely wrong, I’ll still do it, as “now I’ll tell you how to dress in French” would sound pretty weird, wouldn’t it..?

Being chic in terms of clothing is all about:

·      being effortless
·      being polished
·      keeping it simple
·      comfort
·      femininity
·      class

You can see les dames de Paris wearing layers of dramatic scarves wrapped around them to keep them warm in an effortless, still feminine way, but you can also find them wearing layers of clothes, looking comfortable and looking just as chic as the one in the huge scarf. Real chic ladies never try too hard, they never follow anything like trends or fashion, but they never compromise, they always look their best.
Strange as it is, there’s a stereotypical image of American women in the head of every European individual. This image shows these women wearing jeans, t-shirts and sneakers – no matter where they are or how formal is the event they are attending. Of course I know this one isn’t entirely true, but it’s clear that if an American chick doesn’t try hard or at all, they will end up looking like that. It’s probably because of the way they were raised or the way their culture is. French ladies, on the other hand, look impeccable even if they haven’t tried, just because that’s the way society made them to be. This is chic that can not be learned, but can be imitated.

Might sound stereotypical, but navy-white stripped shirts really are French! I have one myself, only I bought that with the intention to wear it with a tight high waisted black skirt, so mine is short, pretty loose and has a huge neck, which I adore, but doesn’t look so sophisticated, I guess. 
Scarves. - Why they don't teach us this skill in high school, I'll never know. I do know that the Frenchwoman's methods aren't intricate, although there's a simple perfection that's next-to-impossible for the average American to achieve. Scarves tend to be big, statement pieces. I especially like the ones that trail behind the woman, flying in her wake, as she's clattering along the sidewalk. Men know how to wear big scarves here, too.”- quoted from A Proper Bostonian. Amen! She’s so right, it was like the biggest surprise for me to see how even men rock their scarves. They do something right! A lot of sources say skinny jeans are essentials as well. These sources are right in a way, but I’d rather say cigarette pants instead of skinny jeans. The legs of a pair of cigarette pants aren’t so tight and they end just above the ankle, unlike skinnies who are full length and skintight. 

This is how you make a classic chic look urban - red oxfords, red leather bag and knuckles

I spend weeks at the Côte d’Azur every year, I spend hours wondering around in ancient villages and tiny towns built in the hillside, and I got to drive to one certain conclusion – a straw basket is a must. Les femmes locales all seem to have one, and they carry them around surrounded with grace, as if it wasn’t, well, a basket after all.

Besides a good, timeless straw basket, I’d recommend wearing a leather handbag or cross-body purse. If handbag, make it a big, spacious, comfy one, not like those with studs and chains and ruffles all over them but a simple one. If cross-body, go for small ones that can carry only your phone, money and the perfect lipstick. (Okay, honestly? The small cross-body purses I own usually have so many stuff in them my friends don’t even believe I can fit all those in there. But if you’re one of those mutants who can go an entire day having nothing but a lipstick with them, then good for you!) 

"For being chic", it’s said to be important to draw every attention to one and only one feature of yours and keep it there. For example, if you have nice curves, go for a well-tailored high-waisted pencil skirt; or if your face is your prettiest feature, wear subtle jewelry to highlight it, don’t make your hair cover it or wear a fun scarf.   

The Frenchwoman’s color palette lacks most of the bold and funky colors, but it’s not that much of a problem, if you ask me – it gives you less opportunities to screw up and end up looking trashy. The main colors they use are grey, black, navy, brown and let me know if I’m wrong but I believe they do love red. 

Vintage pieces, menswear pieces and romantic florals are to be found in a modern French girl’s wardrobe, but it’s still all about keeping it simple! Don’t go overly colorful with the florals, don’t let menswear pieces make you look too in-style or vintage pieces make you look hipster. It’s just not chic. A nice oversized blazer (like a men’s jacket), a decent vintage dress or a pastel floral scarf wouldn’t hurt anyone though! 

Finally, la lingerie. It might not be entirely true, but I heard a lot of stories about that French women always wear impeccable – or we could even say luxury – underwear. Not so much silk, more lace though. 

I'm utterly hopeful towards myself not failing to cover any important elements of French style in the post. Let me know what you think about these guidelines and le style chic. I wonder if anyone can come up with a better definition than the one above! x

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