Workaholic by Manier @ Millenaris

"The new collection of Anikó Németh, designer of Manier presents the garderobe of an active, working woman. Leaving the „doll-house” behind, clothes suitable for different everyday situations are presented at this year's fashion theatre realised with the by now traditional participation of the Manier Muses, Veronika Harcsa and Andrew J. For practising mothers, business women and tractor girls alike."
On the 5th of October, the Manier fashion show took place at an event hall in Budapest, Millenaris at 9 PM.
"This popular atelier run by talented Hungarian designer Anikó Németh sells women's clothing, with designs ranging from quirky to totally outrageous. The haute-couture salon and personal shopping department is just down the street, off Váci utca."

Honestly I'm not a huge fan of her designs, mostly because she kind of makes the same types of clothes since about the middle '90s and because I think she lacks variety and has been designing similar variations since the 90’s. However, I admit that in a way she's utterly talented. 
She claims to use an intellectual approach and special composing methods when she dreams the clothes. Also, she’s known to design her pieces for ageless, adventurous women who are open, creative, playful, and not afraid to really experience their sexuality and consciously convey a message by the way they dress.

This show was dissapointing to me, mainly because I was registered for a media seat (by media seat, I mean front row seat) but then when I arrived it turned out there was no reservation in my name. Luckily, we got in anyway, but we had to sit in the 4th row so there was no way I could take good photos (and someone near us smelled of onions so much).  

Besides the seating problems, the runway was not even a runway; it was more of a scene with a dark band in the middle and the models were walking around in such an annoyingly un-choreographed way that the only time when I could actually take good pictures of them was when they were in the middle, but then again, no lighting. I got mad and gave up after a while.

At the end of the show - and this part was weird for both me and my friend, Anna - the models kind of froze on the "runway", got spotlighted and the members of the audience could walk around them and take photos and even touch them.

That was when I could take a few usable pictures but unfortunately not every model (and hence not every outfit) was present by then. 

The designer used a lot of silk, cotton poplin shirts, fancy shoes (me and Anna, we loved the shoes, they were almost the only reason we actually enjoyed the show), effortlessly elegant, playful, feminine compositions.

Highlighted waistlines, ruffles, crazy hair-design and the colors black, white, gray and red characterized the Workaholic pieces, while fortunately organza and muslin, which are so often used by the designer, were left out of the collection this time.

All in all I'd say I've seen better shows in my life and I don't really think the collection is fashionable and would be considered 'in' this season, but all in all, the main characteristics on the clothes and the idea behind it all was not bad. 
If I were the designer of Manier, I would have spent the money on something else, as this show didn't really worth it, but I might be the only one to think this as Hungarian media seemed to dig it all.
See a video of the entire collection below and let me know what you think! x

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