Project presentation by Gyarfas Olah, designer of Rozalb de Mura

I attended the Budapest Design Week Special Meetup today and watched two project presentations one of which was a project presentation by the designer of romanian fashion brand Rozalb de Mura, Gyarfas Olah.

Gyarfas' project is basically a collection, only it has as few as two outfits in it. The explanation is that these outfits are made of dozens of parts which can be combined in a lot of ways. Each of the pieces, such as a sleeve, a collar, etc. has links on them, and any parts can be attached to any others. Call me an idiot, but to me, this is what fashion is all about, creative ideas, inventive ways of getting dressed. Gyarfas himself said the collection is not even that much about fashion, but I disagree - not the most stylish, but definitely arty!
The entire outfits are made of 100% natural cotton painted red, cut into stripes and then sewn together.

I love how the pieces can be combined and how for example you can make harem pants out of a skirt in a minute. It's all just great! What do you think of Gyarfas' project? I tried to find more info on it but it's nowhere to be found on the Internet. Comment, leave your thoughts! 


  1. www.dazeddigital.com/fashion/article/6222/1/rozalb-de-mura-survival-in-transylvania


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