Naray Tamas - COLLECTION D’ÉPOQUE MODERNE @ the Museum of Fine Arts

"At the fashion show the most recent collection of Tamás Náray is presented for the first time ever, before Berlin Fashion Week. The original creations of the designer committed to classic, French-style elegance are worn by women of high standard who, as the designer has phrased it “do not aim at bearing down men, but conquering them”, as well as by stars, famous singers and actresses; the face of the fashion house's couture-á-porter line is Nóra Ördög television presenter who has by now become a fashion icon."

On the 3rd of October at 9 PM one of the  most influential and well-known designers in Hungary presented his 2012/2013 Autumn-Winter collection, Collection d'Époque Moderne. 

The Naray Tamas brand's designer is Tamas Naray whose biography you can read
here. Naray is famous for making gowns and costumes for the contestants of beauty pageants and TV shows like Hungary's Got Talent and X-Factor.

N as in Naray on the stairs of the museum

There was a certain amount of exclusivity to the show – to get on the guest list, one had to either register as a bona fide Member of the Media or have an invite from the designer himself. Hence, the audience was peppered with local celebrities and glitterati from the Hungarian Fashion Scene.
Unfortunately for Naray, he gave preference to these so-called celebrities and not to the Media when it came seating and we, the Media, found ourselves relegated to the Orchestra, with the “celebrities” taking the most sought-after seats. The seating arrangement meant that the lighting, from where I was, was not optimised for photography and I was not able to take lateral shots of the clothes in detail.

I mean, of course, I'm not a significant member of the media, I'm almost nothing compared to the editors of Hungarian Elle or Glamour magazines who got to sit in the front row  however, I still don't see why we don't count as a worthy audience.
Also, the music they played during the show was painful for me. I know fashion show music is something special, it must be rhythmic and fast, but why should it be unbearable? But this probably only matters to me.

After the show I realized that my main complaint was actually all about the audience. I might sound mean and I must state I don't mean to be rude at all, but in my opinion people only applaud on a fashion show if the like the outfit they see and when the designer appears on the runway. Applauding on a runway show is about showing appreciation. Hungarians don't seem to understand this.
Naray's muse is TV broadcaster Nora Ördög, she was the model that opened and the model that closed the whole show and - as the show was divided into four stages, one season each - she wore the first look for each season. It's all okay, I mean if the designer sees her as the most suitable person to represent him, that
s fine. But why on Earth would everyone applaud and even scream as she appeared on the runway?
People in Hungary tend to lose their minds whenever they see someone who they have only seen on TV before. You don't hear people scream and whistle as Kanye West appears on a fashion show on NYFW or wherever. Here, however, celebrities sitting in the audience couldn't walk out of the museum without having to face curious stares and people whispering and pointing at them. I think it's just not cool to do that. 

(A part of) me standing in line to get in

Despite everything I found annoying and that I couldn't really take any good pictures (I gave up after like 10 minutes), the show was not bad. 
I must say I couldn't see everything from where I was standing, but what I could see was good!

In the collection lacy fitted tops and beaded, sequined cocktail dresses and evening gowns were shown as well as petticoated skirts made of duchesse, satin and georgette.


Most of the pieces were obviously made for the classic ball season, dresses like the one which was entirely covered in green feathers, for example, while the pieces they entitled "moderne" were made for everyday use, such as fur coats, leather pants with tiny holes in them which looked as if they were made of lace or shiny jackets and mini dresses.

I would say the most impressive thing about the collection was the variation of fabrics they used. Unfortunately, my photos don't reflect how amazing the fabrics were, I can only show you a picture one Hungarian blogger took backstage.

However, there was one fabric that I literally hated. It was a metal-ish shiny plaid fabric used to make a maxi-dress . Don’t get me wrong, I like shiny stuff and I love plaid as well, but when they're both present on the same piece, it's sadly horribleandlooks like a nylon dress my grandma would wear, no matter however good quality and expensive it is. 

When the show was over, at the exit they gave out free 2011 lookbooks of Naray which contain pictures each of which you can see here on the blog of photographer Pal Nanasi.

This is it about Naray Tamas' fashion show, I hope it was still enjoyable despite the poor quality of the pictures I was able to take. 

Comment and let me know if you know Naray and if you like his designs, and tell me what you think about the post as well of course! x

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