Exhibition @ FISE Gallery - Part 2.

"Commercially available objects of high quality that have been introduced at the Gallery of the Studio of Young Artists Association (FISE) in the past five years are showcased at the exhibition, yet this time the installations are not based on functions, but on style: superfunctions, upcycling, top design, souvenir. The unusual exhibition aims at introducing visitors into present day Hungarian design through successful small serial products that can even be taken home a few hours after seeing them."

Last Tuesday afternoon I called my friend and begged him to come with me to this gallery which I never heard of to see this exhibition I did't know anything about. 
Lucky me, he's cool enough, so we got on the metro, got off at the Hungarian Parliament and walked about 8 blocks until finally we arrived at the tiny gallery - which I'd never have noticed otherwise. 
I thought most of the exhibition was going to be useless for me, full of interior design stuff and, like, vases and special forks or whatever...well I was wrong. It was mostly about fashion. Mostly in this case means 10 of the 13 exhibited items were fashion-related in one way or another.

Exhibition promo photo by FISE

Matyó Jewelry Collection by LOKALwear

"The Matyó flowers are one of Hungary’s most distinctive folk art symbols. Originally from the Northeastern town of Mezőkövesd these beautiful flower patterns are believed to have developed in the 19th century by local women and are still used today as traditional embroidery motifs.With the aim of exposing local traditions and culture, LOKALwear has developed a contemporary jewelry line, combining the traditional emblematic Matyó flower patterns reinterpreted in distinct up-to-date materials and colors." 
The pieces are made of polystyrene, available in emerald green, ivory, black, red and metallic blue. The collection includes cuff links, necklaces and earrings.

Let's see: it's basically all plastic. The colors sound good, but if you look closer, it's all cheap paint or at least it looks like it (based on the LOKALwear webshop as obviously they were smart enough to only display the black and the ivory pieces on the exhibition).
As for cuff links, they are hinged back cuff links which is also a bit lame if you ask me and they're not even real silver. Also, I'm a fan of fun cuff links and it can definitely spice up an everyday shirt but I just can't get over the fact that the earrings and these cuff links are basically the same only with different hardware. If I were a guy, I'd never wear earrings as cufflinks. Would you?

The prices are too high in my opinion - $ 25.50 for a pair of flower cuff links, $ 14 for a pair of stud earrings, $ 38 for chandelier earrings and necklaces from $ 16 to even $ 50.I personally think those who can afford these products would rather buy something brand name for the same price or sometimes even less - this 6-pack of stud earrings at H & M is $ 4.95 for example and the rose studs look almost exactly like the LOKALwear studs. 

All in all I would say the idea is not bad. I mean it does sound good to revive the “folkloric” pattern, the Matyó flowers in a trendy way, but it should be actual high quality and truly stylish, there should be a creative touch to it which there is not in LOKALwear's collection.

Visit the LOKALwear website here and let me know what you think and if you agree with me or not! x


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