Exhibition @ FISE Gallery - Part 1.

"Commercially available objects of high quality that have been introduced at the Gallery of the Studio of Young Artists Association (FISE) in the past five years are showcased at the exhibition, yet this time the installations are not based on functions, but on style: superfunctions, upcycling, top design, souvenir. The unusual exhibition aims at introducing visitors into present day Hungarian design through successful small serial products that can even be taken home a few hours after seeing them."
Last Tuesday afternoon I called my friend and begged him to come with me to this gallery which I never heard of to see this exhibition I did't know anything about. 
Lucky me, he's cool enough, so we got on the metro, got off at the Hungarian Parliament and walked about 8 blocks until finally we arrived at the tiny gallery - which I'd never have noticed otherwise. 
I thought most of the exhibition was going to be useless for me, full of interior design stuff and, like, vases and special forks or whatever...well I was wrong. It was mostly about fashion. Mostly in this case means 10 of the 13 exhibited items were fashion-related in one way or another.

Exhibition promo photo by FISE

The Krocc Collection by Judit Ducsai 

The bag the model holds on the promo picture of the whole exhibition is a Judit Ducsai creation, it's a piece of the Klocc Bags Collection, an exam project that won the Hungarian Design Awards' special prize in 2011. The collection consists of several different types of bags - purses, handbags and even backpacks. 

The minimalist design bags are made of organic felt, a non-woven fabric that is produced by matting, condensing and pressing woollen fibres.
The bags' most important property - based on the official description which is nowhere to be found in English unfortunately - is that they are not tailored and reinforced at all. Each piece comes with a leather handle and good quality zippers. 
At first glance it's obvious that these earthy color bags are rigid, they lack the flexibility I personally look for in a bag. Ask any girl or woman, I bet they would say loose, soft bags are a lot more comfortable to carry around. My personal experience is that whenever I have my red Mango bag with me all day, for example, in the end I wish I never bought that damn stark bastard whose zipper cuts my hand every time I try to get my phone or wallet out, only because it's so inflexible it won't even open up enough. The days I have a huge tote on my shoulder on the other hand are pretty comfy days, everything fits into them and nothing can stop me from searching through the whole black-hole just to find my lipgloss on the very bottom of it. I bet women get my point.  
Besides rigidity, the obvious characteristics are the elliptical shape which looks very Scandinavian to me and that it doesn't look like a handbag really, more like a rugby ball maybe..?
Anyways, I see no function to it, it's not practical, only the form is why it's special and what could make it sell.

Above you can see it really does look better as interior decoration, but the function still isn't clear to me. These things are just baskets that you throw stuff into and then leave it there as if you cleaned the room but you just shoved them in a handle-less bag instead. 

All in all, I would not buy neither the bags nor the storage things, mostly because if I want to be entirely honest, the ones I've seen in real life didn't look so good quality to me. 

Comment and tell me if you like this design or not! Would you rock the handbag? x


  1. hmm,seriously the design is not really mine but the idea of these bags is nice..
    xx milla


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