Bolhapalota - The Flea Palace

Bolhapalota Budapest

Anker köz 2-4, 1061 Budapest

Best route via M1,M2,M3 Metro Deák Ferenc Tér

Monday to Saturday 11.00 – 19.00

 "Our shop Bolhapalota is a curiosity, which never before wasexisting in our country! We offer unique oppurtunities for allour lovely guests. Not only the used goods, but also theunique design-products! If you have a lot of stuff at home,think over the following: The odds and ends may be alsolucrative! By the way, which is worthless to you may bea treasure to another! Gifts for any occasions and anyage can be found here. If you don´t know what to buy for your mum or for your love, just step in!"

I adore flea markets. Flea markets are whole different dimension. Going to a flea market is like time travel, a trip to foreign lands, a peek into other families’ lives.

There are a few flea markets in my hometown, Budapest, but it was always a disappointment for me to visit them as there was riffraff eveywhere and I always thought why can’t we do this like Austrians? - for example, Naschmarkt. As I already mentioned, it’s definitely not like that. Anyways, I am disappointed in flea markets here and I almost gave up every hope, until during an afternoon walk in the city with a friend we discovered this shop. I immediately fell in love with it and decided to go back. I did. This shop was Bolhapalota.

Bolhapalota from the street

On the outside of the shop
The shop - located at 2-4 Anker-köz in the 6th District of Budapest - is a crowded and chaotic wonderland. If you love to browse for hours,  like me, to find true treasures and dozens of funny and weird and interesting things, this is your place to be.
I've never seen a shop so fascinating and special. You can find literally anything and everything from porcelain vases to vintage cameras, handmade unique design jewelry, Louis Vuitton knockoffs, fur coats, Lenin portraits...and the list goes on and on. I admittedly love vintage stores and antique stuff, but Bolhapalota is taking the experience to a whole new level. 

The shop works with a pretty interesting system. You can rent selves, hangers, walls and other surfaces for one week or one month, bring anything you want to sell and just let them sell throughout the time you paid for. 

"You simply rent the space for your stuff. Sale and Accounting will be handled by BOLHAPALOTA for you. Conveniently and quickly. BOLHAPALOTA requires no commission. You pay only for the leased area." 

I think it's a great system for those who would normally sell on eBay only don't want to look after it so much or pay for the shipping and handling and for people who just want to sell their stuff that they don't use but is still in good condition and totally usable.

"You like to browse at flea markets, are looking for cheap opportunities, or the odd little treasure? You like unique design objects and jewelry? Then BOLHAPALOTA, the real wonder shop, is just right for you! Stay tuned for our regularly changing assortment."
I was amazed by the design jewelry, first of all. I found these rings (first picture below this paragraph) that are like cupcakes, still they look somehow elegant. They cost 3000 HUF a piece which is less than $ 15. Also, I seriously fell in love with the vintage cameras right next to the entrance, they are all working and in impeccable condition and cost about $ 30 each.

Other approaches: the staff is really very nice; the shop is big enough so it's probably never too crowded; all the pieces they sell are in great condition; Bolhapalota is located nearby the only metro station in Budapest where all three metros have a stop so it's totally easy to get there; the ambiance of the whole place is just can't be described.

I'd say I'm sorry for putting too many photos in the post but I totally think it's worth it as this way you can see how amazing the place is - I would say this is the first vintage/secondhand/crazy shop in town that I would actually recommend!

Let me know what you think and if you have any similar shops in your town! 
Visit Bolhapalota's website here for rent prices and more info and see more pictures below! Leave a comment ;) x


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