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Darling Readers and Followers, 

it's been I while since I could really say "I'm blogging regularly" and honestly I hate myself for being so freaking lazy (and busy, and tired all the time, etc). Now I have an announcement to make and I really hope it'll get you just as excited as I am right now!

The school I'm going to is a special, one of a kind institution. I don't want to bore you to death, so long story short, every 11th graders (including me) have to make a project throughout the year about anything, in any form. The topic of your project has to be something you're interested in, something you spend a lot of time learning about, something you want to deal with later in your life, whatever. Now my project will be this very blog

This project of mine will be fashion journalism, basically, but it will be a lot more interesting than plain journalism as I am already in contact with one of the most famous fashion designers in Hungary and I will probably be working with her (more on that later though), and I plan to do a lot of other interesting stuff, such as going to the Budapest Design Week and fully cover it and, well, actually going to every and any fashion events here in Hungary and as much fashion events abroad as possible. All in all, I will be a full-time blogger this school year, as it's school business now! I am really very excited about it! 

The purpose of the whole thing, the goal I am aiming for, is getting new followers (not that I don't love the current 230 followers really very much!) for the blog and of course that I learn a lot about fashion industry and fashion journalism, thus I can take my blogging to a whole new pro level. All this guarantees better content and better quality here on My Fashion Lust List from now on!

At the end of the school year I'll hand in a portfolio of the articles I've written throughout the year and will hold a presentation about what I've learned about fashion, the industry and journalism. 

I am really excited about doing this. I always had the feeling that I'm not putting enough effort into this blog that I otherwise love very much, but now everything I'll do will be for the blog which feels amazing.

Okay, so guys, this is what I really wanted to tell you in the last few days and finally managed to do so. Comment and tell me what you think! 

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  1. Good for you!! I am sure you will ace this project with the many followers that you have, plus you will enjoy this assignment cause it will be doing something you love doing!
    Good luck and I hope you visit my blog someday!


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