About Naschmarkt and What I Got There

Wow, okay I definitely screwed up again, right? I really thought I could do this blogging thing in the summer, but I was entirely wrong. Actually, I'm not even surprised, I mean, who could ever find the time and the energy to do this when you have the festivals, the parties, the sunshine and all your friends around you? Kind of impossible, but hey, it's over, and now that all I have to do is to learn French in school (a bit on that later), I have a lot of time to blog. Also, this blog will be my school year project...but I'll tell you about that later. 

So I already told you about my trip to Vienna like 6 weeks ago (OMG how fast time goes by!). Now the most important part of the trip - for me - was the saturday market at Naschmarkt. It was a flea market and frankly, the very best shopping experience I ever had!

Of course the huge market was filled with things I would never buy. Actually: I would never even touch. I mean, "3 pieces of clothes for 1 Euro"...no, thanks. I would rather not wear those filthy fake Gucci tees and dirty Nike sneakers.  
Still, there were a lot of wonderful things! I ended up buying two statement rings (for € 12.50 each), a pair of sunglasses (€ 5) and a Bally purse for € 10! Bally for T-E-N E-U-R-O-S! And it's really very vintage and totally authentic, I got it examined. I could not have been happier. Now see below all the pictures I took at Naschmarkt and of the things I bought.


  1. Those rings are fabulous! What amazing finds :-) I'm new to your blog but already a fan.

    Lots of love


  2. looks like so much fun! i wish i could visit places like that and buy things like that, love the ring

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