Embellished Inspiration

I have a serious thing for embellished stuff. Like, I can't pass by any embellished clothing item without at least staring at it for minutes, but most of the times I buy it immediately instead. I'm starting to think I was magpie in my previous life, actually - I adore anything and everything shiny! Anyways, here I collected a few pictures I saved in my "Inspiration" folder throughout the passionate months I spent browsing We  It. 

Note: the first 3 pictures are from Dolce and Gabbana's Milan Fashion Week show - those guys are amazing! They totally know what I dig :)

How do you like embellishment? I had a post earlier about embellished tights and socks, take a look and tell me, what you think! 


Budapest Design Week - September 30th to October 9th

"Budapest Design Week is held every fall citywide and is open to both the public and the design industry, attracting over 60,000 people annually. This year’s event, the eighth in succession, will take place between September 30th and October 9th."

This year I'll finally manage to get to the fashion shows of Budapest Design Week (it's not a fashion week at all, there are just a few fashion-themed exhibitions and shows and performances, it's mostly about designer objects like lamps, armchairs and stuff...it's like an interior design festival, actually). I could even register to book media seats, yaayy! 
The first show will be held on the 29th of September at 10 PM in the Museum of Applied Arts, it'll be a polish jewelry and fashion show as Poland is the guest country of this year's Design Week. I have the seats reserved, I will absolutely be there and tweet about the whole show in a live-stream way (follow My Fashion Lust List on Twitter here).

"The slogan of the 2011 program is 'Couleur Locale', meaning local colors and shades, focusing on the unique features of the visual culture of Hungary." Honestly I don't have the foggiest idea what on Earth this means, but hey, another reason to be present on a lot of programs is to figure it out, right? 
You can download the program brochure of Budapest Design Week here or visit it's website here, but below I'll list the shows and events I'll be visiting thus you'll be reading about on MFLL.

There will be a total of 12 fashion related shows, exhibits and performances, five of those are fashion shows I'll be attending as they're totally worth a visit. Also, there will also be another 6 open studios - it means designers' studios are open for public for a day or two. (Additional fun fact: one of the open studios will be held on the first floor of the building my boyfriend lives in.) I'll definitely visit at least four of these studios too. So during the 9 (actually more like 10) days of Design Week, I'll attend a number of events and cover them here on MFLL. 

All of you people, take a look at the programs and let me know what you would like to read about the most. See the list of the events I'm attending below. Comment! :)

September 29. - Polish Jewelry and Fashion Show 10 PM, Museum of Applied Arts
October 3. - Tamas Naray AW2012/2013 International Collection 8 PM, Museum of Fine Arts
October 5. - Workaholic AW2011/2012 FASHION SHOW OF MANIER 9 PM, Millenáris Park
October 6. - Kepp Digital Fashion Show 7 PM, Glass Palace
October 8. - Printa Upcycle Collection 7 PM, Printa Academy 

October 1. - Kata Szegedi 10 AM - 7 PM, Feher Hajo street 12-14.
October 5. - Laoni Design 10 AM - 6 PM, Izabella street 23.
October 7. - Siberia Shoe Shop by Anna Zaboeva 4-11 PM, Wesselenyi street 19.
           - Pos1t1on 10 AM - 5 PM, Dob street 16. 

October 2. - Kreatimm - Design to Go 10 AM - 6 PM, Museum of Applied Arts
October 8-9. - WAMP (I blogged about it earlier!) 10 AM - 6 PM, Millenáris Park, Hall B

October 2. - The Budapest Design Meetup 6-9 PM, Gödör Club 

I hope to see you there, guys ;) Let me know if you visit any of the events above!


The Project

Darling Readers and Followers, 

it's been I while since I could really say "I'm blogging regularly" and honestly I hate myself for being so freaking lazy (and busy, and tired all the time, etc). Now I have an announcement to make and I really hope it'll get you just as excited as I am right now!

The school I'm going to is a special, one of a kind institution. I don't want to bore you to death, so long story short, every 11th graders (including me) have to make a project throughout the year about anything, in any form. The topic of your project has to be something you're interested in, something you spend a lot of time learning about, something you want to deal with later in your life, whatever. Now my project will be this very blog

This project of mine will be fashion journalism, basically, but it will be a lot more interesting than plain journalism as I am already in contact with one of the most famous fashion designers in Hungary and I will probably be working with her (more on that later though), and I plan to do a lot of other interesting stuff, such as going to the Budapest Design Week and fully cover it and, well, actually going to every and any fashion events here in Hungary and as much fashion events abroad as possible. All in all, I will be a full-time blogger this school year, as it's school business now! I am really very excited about it! 

The purpose of the whole thing, the goal I am aiming for, is getting new followers (not that I don't love the current 230 followers really very much!) for the blog and of course that I learn a lot about fashion industry and fashion journalism, thus I can take my blogging to a whole new pro level. All this guarantees better content and better quality here on My Fashion Lust List from now on!

At the end of the school year I'll hand in a portfolio of the articles I've written throughout the year and will hold a presentation about what I've learned about fashion, the industry and journalism. 

I am really excited about doing this. I always had the feeling that I'm not putting enough effort into this blog that I otherwise love very much, but now everything I'll do will be for the blog which feels amazing.

Okay, so guys, this is what I really wanted to tell you in the last few days and finally managed to do so. Comment and tell me what you think! 


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week NYC - Lacoste

Yesterday in New York City, the audience of Fashion Week is said to had been amazed by Felipe Oliveira Baptista's first collection for Lacoste.

Lacoste S/S 2012 Collection summary:

- interesting tailoring
- fantastic coats
- strong colors
- so much Frenchness
- obviously quality fabrics

I love this collection, though I couldn't really say it's classic Lacoste. I mean, to me, Lacoste is just the good old preppy brand and this collection is so not like that. What do you think? 


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week NYC - Tadashi Shoji

The third designer today I have never heard about before, but this one was love at first sight, just like Nicholas K was. The collection is feminine, delicate and elegant, the main motives are fringes, tulip skirts, stripes and lace. I love the shiny dresses the most though.

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