Quick report from Vienna

Yes, I am in Vienna for the weekend and I'm gonna have to tell you about a lot of interesting stuff, but for now as a kind of trailer (appetizer, whatever) I'd like to show you two cool photos we took here.

Okay, so this room above is in the style of Makart, a 19th century painter whose favorite musician was Wagner whom I love by the way... anyways, it all glitters and it's so oriental and all. I love it. Oh and the huge bouquets of feather, flowers, etc were a must-have in every bourgeois Vienna home in the era. Cool, right?  

Well I told you guys I couldn't wear high heels, right? Honestly, for a pair of this I would happily throw away all my self doubts about being too tall. It's so freaking special! It was on sale in United Nude (which I just found out about by the way), it costed 235 € now. If anyone would ever want to make me extremely happy, get me a pair, okay?

Now that's it for now, but stay tuned for a longer report from Vienna! I have loads to tell :) xo 

1 comment:

  1. That's a freakin' awesome shoe! Reminds me of a stapler, or a leg of a chair :P

    I'd love to hear about your trip! Vienna, from what I've heard is gorgeous...


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