Asian Nail Art at Home

I visited this mall called AsiaCenter yesterday. The place is an enormous chinese market basically, it's full of tiny boutiques filled with shoes, bags, accessories, clothing and everything you could ever imagine. 
See I'm not exactly a chinese-market-shopper-type of person but this place caught me. First, it's really cheap. Second, it's full of unique pieces that you won't see on 20 other people in the next 2 days. Third, although most of the clothes are not only cheap in terms of price but are cheap in terms of design and looks as well, with a little patience one can find true treasures.

I spent about an hour or maybe a bit more there, I was in a bit of a hurry but I still could find really great pieces for myself. Now in this post I'll only show you the amazing artificial nails I bought (as it's better if I tag this post with "nail art" and then when you search "nail art" on my blog, you find this post and there're no confusing things in the post such as shoes or whatever...details, details, details).

As I mentioned before, I wear fake nails 24/7 since I'm a maniac nail-biter (shame on me). I don't believe in professional fake nails as I had a really bad experience with that a year ago, so I usually get the simple french manicure fake nail kit from the drugstore for $15 and I glue the nails on piece by piece about every 2-3 days. It's tiring but definitely provides more freedom then long-lasting pro nails. 
I thought I'd never get to have gorgeous nail paintings as I only have a set of nails on for a day or two and it doesn't worth the time and the paint. But now in AsiaCenter I found these tiny packets in which were these amazing, pre-painted sets of nails. I tried to take photos that actually show you how amazing these nails are, but I probably failed. Anyways, I hope you like the designs just as much as I do.

I currently have a set of the gold leopard print one on :)

I'm really dying to read your thoughts on the designs! Oh, I almost forgot: each packet contains 10 (actually 12 for some reason...any idea why?) nails and costs $2.05 (390 HUF).
So, please, darlings, comment and hey, let me know which one is your favorite so I can get more of those next time ;) xo


  1. Wow! They are lush! Please visit my blog, I'd really appreciate it! Btw, I've followed you, any chance of a follow back? ;)
    - Olivia xx

  2. Wow soo colorful. Really this will be an interesting post for my wife....

  3. Hey where is this place. I've been dying to find nails like this!

  4. Nail art is a very unique and interesting way to accessories your look and add glam to your personality. Healthy and fine nails are not only significance of your good health but also can be used as a fashion statement.


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