Quick report from Vienna

Yes, I am in Vienna for the weekend and I'm gonna have to tell you about a lot of interesting stuff, but for now as a kind of trailer (appetizer, whatever) I'd like to show you two cool photos we took here.

Okay, so this room above is in the style of Makart, a 19th century painter whose favorite musician was Wagner whom I love by the way... anyways, it all glitters and it's so oriental and all. I love it. Oh and the huge bouquets of feather, flowers, etc were a must-have in every bourgeois Vienna home in the era. Cool, right?  

Well I told you guys I couldn't wear high heels, right? Honestly, for a pair of this I would happily throw away all my self doubts about being too tall. It's so freaking special! It was on sale in United Nude (which I just found out about by the way), it costed 235 € now. If anyone would ever want to make me extremely happy, get me a pair, okay?

Now that's it for now, but stay tuned for a longer report from Vienna! I have loads to tell :) xo 


Far-Eastern Goodies

As I mentioned in my previous post, I went to this huge chinese/asian/eastern market-kinda place yesterday. I previously shown you the artificial nail sets I got at the same place, but now it's time for me to show you other goodies. 

Each of the five bracelets above were made by hand and they cost $0.79 a piece. I know, right!? 
The shoes are shiny and so colorful I just couldn't leave them there. They cost $13 which is unbelievable if you ask me. Anyways, this AsiaCenter place is great, stay tuned for more photos and stuff as I'll visit AsiaCenter again on Monday. 
Comment and tell me what you think of this far-eastern style :) xo


Asian Nail Art at Home

I visited this mall called AsiaCenter yesterday. The place is an enormous chinese market basically, it's full of tiny boutiques filled with shoes, bags, accessories, clothing and everything you could ever imagine. 
See I'm not exactly a chinese-market-shopper-type of person but this place caught me. First, it's really cheap. Second, it's full of unique pieces that you won't see on 20 other people in the next 2 days. Third, although most of the clothes are not only cheap in terms of price but are cheap in terms of design and looks as well, with a little patience one can find true treasures.

I spent about an hour or maybe a bit more there, I was in a bit of a hurry but I still could find really great pieces for myself. Now in this post I'll only show you the amazing artificial nails I bought (as it's better if I tag this post with "nail art" and then when you search "nail art" on my blog, you find this post and there're no confusing things in the post such as shoes or whatever...details, details, details).

As I mentioned before, I wear fake nails 24/7 since I'm a maniac nail-biter (shame on me). I don't believe in professional fake nails as I had a really bad experience with that a year ago, so I usually get the simple french manicure fake nail kit from the drugstore for $15 and I glue the nails on piece by piece about every 2-3 days. It's tiring but definitely provides more freedom then long-lasting pro nails. 
I thought I'd never get to have gorgeous nail paintings as I only have a set of nails on for a day or two and it doesn't worth the time and the paint. But now in AsiaCenter I found these tiny packets in which were these amazing, pre-painted sets of nails. I tried to take photos that actually show you how amazing these nails are, but I probably failed. Anyways, I hope you like the designs just as much as I do.

I currently have a set of the gold leopard print one on :)

I'm really dying to read your thoughts on the designs! Oh, I almost forgot: each packet contains 10 (actually 12 for some reason...any idea why?) nails and costs $2.05 (390 HUF).
So, please, darlings, comment and hey, let me know which one is your favorite so I can get more of those next time ;) xo


The Three Cocktail Dresses I'd Love To Have

I always loved dresses and jumpsuits as they're really simple to throw on and they make dressing for a day easy. Cocktail dresses are even better, as they are made for formal events - and I don't know about you, but formal events give me headaches when it comes to dressing up. How formal will it be? How colorfully should I dress? It's a nightmare.Now I collected the three best and most practical dresses you can buy for a reasonable price on the internet from the range of cocktail dresses on Very.co.uk!

The Party Dress
French Connection Cheetah Stretch Dress

I adore animal prints, so it's a huge plus. The low V-neckline and padded shoulders (how cool are those!?) make one's waist look thinner, also they look fabulously stylish! I would so love to have a dress like this - it'd be suitable for every night out with the girls, party with friends and even a night in the pub with the guys. This dress is a 10/10 to me and if so is to you, get it here!

The Reception Dress
Miss Sixty Bodycon Sequin Frill Sleeve Dress

We all know I love sequins, right? Now I know sometimes they can be too much on really formal events so I brought you this dress - it has only a few lines of sequins on it and still is gorgeous and elegant. It's creamy color and tightness make it really pretty and feminine, still it's playful with the frilled sleeves. If I were skinny enough to wear something like this, I'd instantly buy the dress, what you can do here!

The Dress for Weddings and Family Events
French Connection Petal Polka Detail Dress

It's looks so pure, chaste and untouched! Also, I really like 3D floral stuff, as well as waistbands - now this dress has got both of these. The model on the picture is wearing it right with the nude shoes and almost invisible bracelet. I'd rather wear my hair down with this dress though. Being strapless, this dress is a great choice for summer family events. Get the dress here!

This is the three dresses I'm drooling for right now and now I wonder what would you like to have and where would you wear them? Leave a comment below or email me your choices and I will post the best of them in a few days if I get enough reactions :) xo


Chanel Pre-Fall 2011 Quick Review

Chanel's Pre-Fall 2011 collection was inspired by Empress Theodora and the lost culture of the Byzantium. The most typical elements are gold chains, braiding, jeweled buttons, feathers, and fringe - it's all so me! :)


  • beautiful fabrics that are warm enough for fall
  • the embroidery is really stylish yet special
  • a lot of pieces are made with waistbands which highlight female figure

  • sometimes too much fringe
  • most of the pieces look too much and heavy because of the embroidery 

I wonder how you like Mr. Lagerfeld's new creatures? Leave any thoughts in a comment below :) xo

Letter from the Editor

Wow, I feel so guilty now. I didn't blog a single character since the end of May and I feel like I owe you an explanation. 
As the school year came to an end, I discovered how ridiculous my end of the year grades were and how I really had to do something about them. The last 3-4 weeks of school was about making things right for me and I didn't have a minute of free time. Later, as summer break begun I spent every minute with friends and family which also made blogging impossible, just as much as the fact that all my inspiration and furore for fashion was lost by then. I didn't get to read the piles of fashion magazines I had in my room for 2 months, which is extreme indeed.

Now as I'm sitting here in our country house, tanning in a red-white striped Ralph Lauren bikini I scored in Bloomingdale's 2 years ago, sipping on ice cold Heineken (sinful me), I decided to finally get back to blogging. I have a lot to blog about and I believe there's a very exciting year waiting for us now and I would like to invite you to come with me on this journey. Let me explain this to you as well.

The next school year in the school I'm going to is called "project year". It's kind of about finding yourself, what you want to do later and so on. We have to work on a project we come up with throughout the year and reach a goal we aimed for.
The goal I'm aiming for is getting 600 followers on MFLL by June, 2012. And what am I gonna do for getting there? I already contacted two fashion designers in my country whose names I don't want to tell you yet. I'll be working with them, watch them work and tell you everything about it, background stuff, etc. Also, I'll take MFLL to a whole new level - I'll really go pro this year. I don't want to make empty promises, but as my education depends on this blog now (as I can't finish school if I couldn't finish my project successfully), I can proudly say I'm over promising stuff I won't keep now. 

Anyways, I really hope you all will keep reading MFLL despite all the mistakes I made so far. I'll host a giveaway next week, so get ready to activate yourselves and win what I have to offer - I hope you all will love it as much as I do ;) xo
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