The Three Bags I'd Love To Have

Lately I've been a huge fan of rings and I still am, but here's this old obsession of mine, bags, I just can't get rid of. 
I've been browsing around the Internet and found these three bags that I have a crush on right now - this is actually a lust list right now. 

The Schoolbag
Be & D Kan Kan ruffled tote

It's a gorgeous oversized tote I could totally imagine as a schoolbag for myself. The only problem is I always carry around tons of stuff which makes my bag weight around 20 lbs and this tote which I could only carry on my arm would not necessarily be comfortable. But hey, fashion (and love) is not really about comfort, is it? Now in this case, we have both in one. 

The Party Bag
Valentino Va Va Voom Mini lacquered shoulder bag

I can only wear shoulder bags for parties (mostly cross-body bags) otherwise I can't feel safe enough. I remember the fear I was taken over by when I brought my clutches and totes to parties and all I could see was people sneaking all around me just to steal my phone/wallet/freaking bus tickets. I know I'm paranoid, but I just have to feel all my stuff close to me, and these small bags are the best way to do so. Also, I just love studs and chains and this little thingy has both of them. Yayy.

The Just-Because-It's-Amazing Bag
Alexander McQueen Iris Plexiglas Box Clutch

Honestly I couldn't wear this at all, but who cares, I'd manage to do so anyway. I'd use it as a wallet or make-up purse or coin purse or whatever, though I know it would be derogatory for a wonderful little creature like this. It's just really pretty, isn't it? One day I'll be an important person and will be invited for dozens of parties every week and will have the chance to wear clutches like this. Fingers crossed.

This is the three bags I'am drooling for right now and now I wonder what would you like to have and where would you wear them? Leave a comment below or email me your choices and I will post the best of them in a few days if I get enough reactions :) xo

1 comment:

  1. My favorite is the Valentino Va Va Voom Mini. Perfect for dressing up with but I think it would also go well with dressy casual. I love its sleek look!


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