Question for You

Okay, here's something I'm not decided about yet - do these two prints match?

I have seen a classmate of mine wearing this combination and I quickly took a photo. It's a raincoat above a pair of loose harem pants. First time I saw it I was like noooooooo way. Then I was thinking maybe I'm too conservative. So now I wonder what you, my dearest readers think about wearing these prints together? Leave your thoughts in a comment :) xo


  1. I know it's a trend now to mix 2 different patterns... but this one is a no no for me... :))

  2. I am such a fan of mixed patterns, that I say Yay!
    I like people to work it outside of the norm so even when a pattern play goes awry I like the fact that they are at least trying.

  3. No, sorry.. wouldn't really wear this.. although I like mixing patterns together, this one just doesn't do it for me :)


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