The IOU Project

I have been introduced to this fascinating and amazing project, the IOU Project about 3 weeks ago and I immediately fell in love. 
It's a wonderful attempt to help artisans and make unique and fashionable pieces in a way nobody ever tried before. 

"If I were to sum up the IOU Project I would say that it has been a study in the creation of a Prosperity chain; an experiment torethink how goods are produced and sold in a way that benefits everyone.We Believe:In empowering the ArtisanIn celebrating UniquenessIn our right to TransparencyWe believe in the power of Technology to make these happen."
- said Kavita Parmar, director of the project 

I received pictures of the pieces - I am so excited about this movement I can't even tell you, the pieces are wonderful!

More on the project later - let me know what you think until then. I'm excited! xo


  1. I am so stoked about this venture! Great write up of the IOU Project. -Bella Q
    the Citizen Rosebud

  2. I love your blog!!

    maybe we could follow each other??


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