Older Posts 2010/07/18-22

I edited six older posts of mine today, one from July 18th, three from July 19th and two from July 22nd, 2010. It amazes me how much I've changed and developed throughout the months! I just laugh at my old self now.

Comment either on the old posts, either here, let me know, which My Fashion Lust List is better - the old one or the one that you read today? :) xo


Hidden Treasures About Town

I've spent the entire weekend out with friends and random people and found the most amazing things I've ever seen in my hometown. Budapest is not famous for its stylishness neither for its creative urban landscape but now I'm sure there are people who still know what's cool. 

First, on Saturday night I was heading to the Basilica with my friend Esther when I noticed some images on a wall. These are not graffitis, these are some really cool stickers or something but the first thing that came to my mind was that it's so bling - and bling as a lifestyle unfortunately is my obsession at the moment (of course I know bling usually means this, but try to imagine a matching lifestyle). I couldn't pass it without taking pictures, too bad only my iPhone was around so the photos are not-so-high-quality.

I love how Paris Hilton's top says "You Can't Afford Me" with the C as a Chanel logo and the F as a Fendi logo; how the guy next to her wears a tee that says "Richie Rich Riches Pulls All The Bithes"; how Kate Moss' top says "Cocaine Is So Yesterday"; how Lindsay Lohan's top says "The Only Coke I Do Is Diet" and how the other Kate Moss' top says (and that's my favorite) "My Girls Rock Balenciaga And Smoke Mad Marijuana". Crazy but stylish tops, aren't they? I so want one of each. Except for the guy's. 

Then on Sunday I was standing in a bus stop when I noticed the window of a bakery. As I was bored waiting, I checked the cakes and was amazed when noticed the following cakes.

These are actual birthday cakes. I so want one! I like the second picture's Chanel heels cake the best. 

What do you think of these things? Do you like them? Comment, I'd be happy to read your thoughts ;) xo


The Three Bags I'd Love To Have

Lately I've been a huge fan of rings and I still am, but here's this old obsession of mine, bags, I just can't get rid of. 
I've been browsing around the Internet and found these three bags that I have a crush on right now - this is actually a lust list right now. 

The Schoolbag
Be & D Kan Kan ruffled tote

It's a gorgeous oversized tote I could totally imagine as a schoolbag for myself. The only problem is I always carry around tons of stuff which makes my bag weight around 20 lbs and this tote which I could only carry on my arm would not necessarily be comfortable. But hey, fashion (and love) is not really about comfort, is it? Now in this case, we have both in one. 

The Party Bag
Valentino Va Va Voom Mini lacquered shoulder bag

I can only wear shoulder bags for parties (mostly cross-body bags) otherwise I can't feel safe enough. I remember the fear I was taken over by when I brought my clutches and totes to parties and all I could see was people sneaking all around me just to steal my phone/wallet/freaking bus tickets. I know I'm paranoid, but I just have to feel all my stuff close to me, and these small bags are the best way to do so. Also, I just love studs and chains and this little thingy has both of them. Yayy.

The Just-Because-It's-Amazing Bag
Alexander McQueen Iris Plexiglas Box Clutch

Honestly I couldn't wear this at all, but who cares, I'd manage to do so anyway. I'd use it as a wallet or make-up purse or coin purse or whatever, though I know it would be derogatory for a wonderful little creature like this. It's just really pretty, isn't it? One day I'll be an important person and will be invited for dozens of parties every week and will have the chance to wear clutches like this. Fingers crossed.

This is the three bags I'am drooling for right now and now I wonder what would you like to have and where would you wear them? Leave a comment below or email me your choices and I will post the best of them in a few days if I get enough reactions :) xo


The Dildo Shoes - Rad or Bad?

Yes, you're right - Lady Gaga is in the center of attention with this extreme pair of heels again. Heels, well, they practically are, only instead of heels there are dildos. I know.

It's definitely weird, but you know what? I'd totally wear them (if I ever wore high-heeled shoes) as they're fun and just imagine the amount of attention it would attract..! Only I'm not sure if it worth the $4,500 it costs. If it does to you, get the dildo shoes here - and please, email me a photo of you wearing them!
Until then, drop a comment and tell us if it's rad or bad to you ;) xo


Older Posts 2010/07/17-18

I edited five older posts of mine today, one from July 17th and four from July 18th, 2010. It amazes me how much I've changed and developed throughout the months! I just laugh at my old self now.

Comment either on the old posts, either here, let me know, which My Fashion Lust List is better - the old one or the one that you read today? :) xo

Question for You

Okay, here's something I'm not decided about yet - do these two prints match?

I have seen a classmate of mine wearing this combination and I quickly took a photo. It's a raincoat above a pair of loose harem pants. First time I saw it I was like noooooooo way. Then I was thinking maybe I'm too conservative. So now I wonder what you, my dearest readers think about wearing these prints together? Leave your thoughts in a comment :) xo


The IOU Project

I have been introduced to this fascinating and amazing project, the IOU Project about 3 weeks ago and I immediately fell in love. 
It's a wonderful attempt to help artisans and make unique and fashionable pieces in a way nobody ever tried before. 

"If I were to sum up the IOU Project I would say that it has been a study in the creation of a Prosperity chain; an experiment torethink how goods are produced and sold in a way that benefits everyone.We Believe:In empowering the ArtisanIn celebrating UniquenessIn our right to TransparencyWe believe in the power of Technology to make these happen."
- said Kavita Parmar, director of the project 

I received pictures of the pieces - I am so excited about this movement I can't even tell you, the pieces are wonderful!

More on the project later - let me know what you think until then. I'm excited! xo

Jen's Project Article I Was Featured In

Jen B, a journalism student from the UK emailed me in March and told me how she liked my Female Leaders' Style series and was interested in my further opinion about fashion in politics. 
She later asked me a few questions and finally sent me the entire article she wrote. 
Everything in the article about me is written very kindly and I am really honored that she wanted me to participate in the project. 
You can see the entire article here, but let me share the part I was featured in with you here (please, excuse Jen the language mistakes - she's not native english).
"Bianca, a Hungarian blogger of My Fashion Lust List. She usually shares some information about fashion to her readers. Recently, she has blogged about female leader's fashionable dress in her blog. She thinks the reason why people interested in their dress style have many reason. "Well, it either can be because of a love for fashion, either because they're gossip magazine writers and want to criticize politicians on how they dress and how much it costed, or it can be just because politicians are a kind of role models who play huge part in how things in world, even fashion, changes by time," she said. Koka thinks a female politician or businesswoman can and will look more credible and easier to believe if they wear stylish and fitted clothes that are flattering and highlight the best parts of them. It's just the way people are, they easily judge a book by their cover and female leaders can easily take advantage of this.
 She has commented Sara Palin, Angela Merkel and Christina Kirchner's dresses style in her blog. When we was talking about who is her favourite good look politician, she said she likes both Michelle Obama and Chritina Kirchner. "Of course I adore Michelle Obama's style, but it has been talked about so much I'd rather say Christina Kirchner here. She's amazingly stylish and dresses so flattering you could never tell her age or if she's got any flaws. She knows what's appropriate to wear as a politician, she knows what looks good on her and it's obvious that she cares," Koka explained. She has described she failed to find the flaws in Kirchner's apparently impeccable style because Kirchner's perfect look makes herself never seen a 58 years old lady in her blog.   Michelle Obama's "Women, wear what you love" has encouraged many women to wear what they like, but Koka thinks sometimes they dress style should up to occasion. "Some way I do. I'd say wear something only if you feel great in it, but don't wear everything that you feel good in. For instance, you may love your Adidas sweatpants and hoodies, but you should definitely not wear it outdoors, on the street, or anywhere you can be seen. Of course there are people who don't care and wear hideous pieces for walking their dogs or something like that, but not for important events, thank God," she said."
All in all, thank you for asking me, Jen! It really was an honor. 
Darling readers, please read the article and let me know what you think :) xo

Style Shot 09/05

I just received A's gorgeous and really stylish outfit (visit her blog here) and I'm amazed. I love lace tops and those shades and shoes are fabulous!

Transylvanian-Hungarian Folk Clothes

I spent the last week in Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca on a class trip which was literally the best week ever! We even visited a few tiny hungarian villages near Cluj and a nice lady showed us her old folk clothes and let my classmates put them on so we could take pictures - and here they are. 

What do you think? What is your nation's folk wear? Link me pictures and tell me about them :) xo
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