Natalia Kills' To-Die-For Style

I got to know Natalia Kills' music in the last 5-6 days well enough to say she's my favorite at the moment. She truly is an amazing musician, I adore her lyrics, I just love how she's so honest and brave in her songs. And then I've seen her videos and I fell in love.
I spent hours on eBay searching for similar if not the same pieces she's wearing in the videos but I didn't succeed. So being very witty I decided to show you, my readers, the pieces I adore so deeply, thus you may will be able to tell me where could I get these fabulous things. 
Actually, no, I just really wanted to show you this girl. She's a gem.

I adore the earpiece, whatever it is. Lovely.

These earrings are so gorgeous!

The fur coat-stockings mix is sooo WOW!

Okay, these claw rings really are to die for! I've been searching for these for
looong, but they're nowhere to be found. Any ideas?

The necklace is a masterpiece.

Umm yeah, the shades. They're the BEST SUNGLASSES EVER!

She's collecting vintage sunglasses.

These lashes are huge, aren't they..?

I also love her shoes. They're all platforms and really hot.

I bet you've already seen this pair on the runway.

These heels are the sickest ever.

I love the ring and of course the makeup. And the chains.

The dress, the stockings and the masks on the people around her are pure love.

What do you think of her? If haven't decided yet, see the videos above (the second one is for those who can speak french):

Comment and tell me what you think and let me know if you have any idea where can I find her stuff ;) xo


  1. She selled some of her fashion on Ebay :)

  2. LOVE HER! She is my favorite!!!!

  3. I love her style, she's amazing!!
    I talk about her and her style on my blog, please check out http://proudandfamous.blogspot.com/

  4. http://coolspotters.com/musicians/natalia-kills HERE YOU GO SWEETIE. I LOVE HER TOO!!

  5. Love her style too ! Actually found your blog by googling "natalia Kills outfits" haha



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