Extraordinary Style Shots

I spent the day shopping with my friend Dora and decided to post her outfit as though she doesn't try hard at all, she's always stylish and her stuff always have a special touch of something I can't describe. See for yourself!

The shades are kind of RayBan knock-offs.

I love that if you look from a few feet away it seems like it's just a pair of grey leggings.

The bag is a simple black tote, but as soon as you put it down, the animal print comes visible.

I know it's weird but chipped nail polish is really in this season.

This pair of Lacoste sneakers is great to balance the femininity of the leggings.


  1. Love you shades and those sneakers are lovely, would love them in white!


  2. Love the old shcool sneakers :)


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