Extraordinary Style Shots

I spent the day shopping with my friend Dora and decided to post her outfit as though she doesn't try hard at all, she's always stylish and her stuff always have a special touch of something I can't describe. See for yourself!

The shades are kind of RayBan knock-offs.

I love that if you look from a few feet away it seems like it's just a pair of grey leggings.

The bag is a simple black tote, but as soon as you put it down, the animal print comes visible.

I know it's weird but chipped nail polish is really in this season.

This pair of Lacoste sneakers is great to balance the femininity of the leggings.

What I Got For Easter

My dad went to South France for the weekend and came back with amazing gifts for me. I got a Harper's Bazaar, an InStyle, a Vanity Fair and The Royal Wedding magazine collectors' edition, as I have a love for british and american fashion magazines but I can rarely convince myself that it worth it to spend $25 on a single magazine (since it costs that much to buy a magazine like that here in Hungary) and it's always a pleasure when someone else buy them for me. Also, as not only I have a love for fashion but I love mediterranean food, I got a bottle of pesto and a bottle of lavender olive oil. Oh, and chocolate coated almonds. Yumm.


Natalia Kills' To-Die-For Style

I got to know Natalia Kills' music in the last 5-6 days well enough to say she's my favorite at the moment. She truly is an amazing musician, I adore her lyrics, I just love how she's so honest and brave in her songs. And then I've seen her videos and I fell in love.
I spent hours on eBay searching for similar if not the same pieces she's wearing in the videos but I didn't succeed. So being very witty I decided to show you, my readers, the pieces I adore so deeply, thus you may will be able to tell me where could I get these fabulous things. 
Actually, no, I just really wanted to show you this girl. She's a gem.

I adore the earpiece, whatever it is. Lovely.

These earrings are so gorgeous!

The fur coat-stockings mix is sooo WOW!

Okay, these claw rings really are to die for! I've been searching for these for
looong, but they're nowhere to be found. Any ideas?

The necklace is a masterpiece.

Umm yeah, the shades. They're the BEST SUNGLASSES EVER!

She's collecting vintage sunglasses.

These lashes are huge, aren't they..?

I also love her shoes. They're all platforms and really hot.

I bet you've already seen this pair on the runway.

These heels are the sickest ever.

I love the ring and of course the makeup. And the chains.

The dress, the stockings and the masks on the people around her are pure love.

What do you think of her? If haven't decided yet, see the videos above (the second one is for those who can speak french):

Comment and tell me what you think and let me know if you have any idea where can I find her stuff ;) xo


Blog News


I hope you'll have an amazing Easter and great time with friends and family!
I'm still ashamed of myself for not posting too much, but I'm very glad and happy to see that the daily pageviews of MFLL don't get any fewer! 

In the next 7 days I plan to post another two healthy fashion articles, a few new style shots and an article about a really fascinating project. Also, I'm gonna have to tell you some great news soon, which I hope will be just as much fun for you as it will be for me! 

I hope you forgive me for not blogging enough and still like MFLL! If so, please, click the grey banner below to prove it ;) (and to help me, it'd mean a lot!)


Style Shot 17/04

I just received E's amazing outfit shots (click here for her blog). I love the colors and the fitting of the pieces. Really great stuff, aren't they? ;)

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Materials and If They're Good for You

I don't know about you but I am really sensitive to the material of my clothes, I can't spend a minute wearing something that's not soft and comfy and good for my skin. WorCare's professional now collected the most common fabrics and how they affect your skin and how you feel.


Synthetic materials support the birth of fungal infections, as your skin can hardly breathe under them. Unfortunately these clothes and wearing them are hard to ignore, since they are made very comfortable, pretty and flattering these days. Especially synthetic panties and socks can be dangerous, as these pieces stick to your body extremely tight, furthermore you wear them on parts of your body which don't really get enough air anyway. Dark color underwear can also cause allergies and eczema. For the producing of these pieces, manufacturers use a lot more paint than usual which don't stick to the fabric entirely, so as you wear the pieces, the paint gets in touch with your body, causing unpleasant reactions. 
Synthetic clothes are also responsible for body odor, athlete's foot.
Choose natural fabrics, cotton, linen!


Its most notable characteristic is its thermo-equalizing effect, which ensures your body to always be heated comfortably still enables the vaporization of body. For those who easily get a cold it's very important. Also, there's lanoline in wool which makes the fabric skin-friendly and a pleasure to touch. No wonder even premature babies are wrapped in wool blankets. Molds and bacteria easily infect wool. Its most dangerous pests are moths. 


Its sedative and healing effect in case of skin infections has been known for thousands of years. The special pieces of clothing and bed linens made out of it are used successfully in treating eczema, allergic skin problems, burns, fungus. Deodorants, perfumes can cause the color alternation of the fabric. 
The sedative and nourishing effects of silk are so noticeable that people who only wear silk for years have significantly firmer, sifter and healthier skin then others of the same age and sex. This perception lead to the improvement of the production of silk-based cosmetics. 


Wearing genuine leather and fur is not recommended because of the protection of animals. Pieces made of leather require careful wearing. Leather clothes are not waterproof, one has to protect it from raining and strong sunshine. In case of wearing it can easily get greasy and worn. Scratches and scars on it last for ever. Wearing leather in cold weather is recommended as leather keeps you very warm. 

What do you think? Is it important for you if the material is healthy and comfortable or only the looks is important? 
Comment and ask anything in comments from the doctor of WorCare!
Obviously The Month of Healthy Fashion keeps on going as the second half of March was a mess. Plus the healthy fashion series is pretty successful ;) xo

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My New iPhone Case

I know, there's no need to tell me - it's a bit too much, too sparkly, too glamorous, too glittery, too...too much, but I love it so much! I just got it from eBay, it costed like 3 dollars. Now tell me if it worth it.


Blog News

Dear Readers, Dear Followers,

It's just a quick post about how I'm sorry I don't really post lately but I just can't seem to find the time.
Please, forgive me and stay tuned!
I'm going to a fashion show on Friday, will probably post about it on Saturday. Have a great week! xo
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