When In Rome

I've spent the weekend in Rome, Italy, which is a wonderful city with amazing ruins and memorials - and shops. 
I visited Via del Governo Vecchio, which is said to be the best vintage and second hand shopping street in Rome, then I had a fantastic dinner at Cul de Sac, this amazing little restaurant and I now I show you the best pictures of that amazing Saturday night.

I love the Dior shades (on the left)! So special!

Via del Governo Vecchio

Cul de Sac

What do you think? Have you ever been to Via del Governo Vecchio? I haven't bought anything, because apparently italian vintage shopping requires a lot more patience than I'll ever have... Anyways, give me some reviews, guys :) xo


  1. ugh would have loved to be in your shoes. the sunglasses were beautiful and the clothes amazing.


  2. It looks so fun!


  3. Thanks for the tip! I'm heading to Rome on tuesday with my husband and he will be in meetings for a couple days so I am free to shop. I plan on going there if I can get my patience in check as well.


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