WAMP - The Sunday Design Fair

Today I went to the Sunday Design Fair, where handmade products can be purchased once a month in Budapest. 
I have to admit this was the first time I've been to this fair, though I wanted to go ever since I'm blogging. Now I finally did and I'm not disappointed at all!
The fair has a huge gastronomical section with handmade cheeses, pastries, wine and of course the best chocolate products ever. The designer section is full of handmade leather bags, pouches, make-up cases, dozens of jewelry and really unique, very designer clothes. Everything is full of weird and unusual patterns, fabrics and tailoring. Unfortunately it was impossible to capture everything, but I've tried my best and made a few photos for you to see what I'm talking about :)

Have you ever been to WAMP? How did you like it? Comment and tell me what you think and how do you like the photos :) xo

P.S.: See you on the next WAMP on the 17th on April @ Erzsébet square, Budapest! ;)

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