Smoking & Fashion

Lately we can see a lot of examples of fashion photography and industry glamourizing smoking. I asked WorCare's expert about this.

Why do you think smoking and cigarettes found their ways into fashion?
If we just think about Hollywood, the movies, the actresses, a lot of scenes come to mind in which smoking was a good and important element. The fashion icons of eras were also made by the movie industry.
Smoking among women became popular in the 1920’s, mostly because of the emancipation of women. In the 50’s, dozens of Marily Monroe’s photos showed her with a cigarette in her hands, then in the 60’s, the delicate, petite Audrey Hepburn played the role of a rebellish girl, who went to New York to follow her dreams – and there are always the Givenchy dresses, her jewels and her 20 inch long cigarette holder to help her. Her looks, her elegance changed fashion in a moment. Girls wanted to be just like the icons on the pictures.
It hasn’t changed much. Most of the models smoke, whose reason is probably the metabolism fastener effect of cigarettes, which causes weight-loss. Also, smoking helps coping with stress, waiting, being nervous or being scared.

How can fashion photography that includes smoking phychologically affect one's thinking?

It’s clear that in the world of fashion now that it’s recession, fashion designers start to attract attention in several different, extreme ways. On fashion shows and photos, girls are flirting with half-naked men, walk around topless or light up a cigarette. And though it’s forbidden to advertise cigarettes since the 70’s, the symbolism of cigarettes is still present. Smoking symbolizes the free world of adults, just like alcohol or under-age sexual activity does. Media, advertising and the behavior of adults keeps this whole thing up. Today’s advertising tactic works well – the audition must identify themselves with one of the character they see. Texts and photos in ads show exactly the wants of teenagers and young adults and conveys a message like „if you want to be thin, beautiful, popular and fabuous, you should smoke”.

What harmful effects does smoking have?

We all know it’s unhealthy. It can cause lung problems, cancer, cardiovascular problems. Smoking ruins tasting and smelling and body’s ability to keep vitamins.
But it’s probably more important in this context that it’s very harmful to beauty. Smokers’ fingers and nails get yellow-ish from tar, and it can never be removed until one stops smoking. Tar also makes teeth discolor, and it can also only be resolved by quitting. As smoking makes our veins tight and hard, our skin gets a lot less blood and vitamins. Also, smoking activates and enzime which kills the collagen and elastin in skin, thus makes smokers’ skin wrinkled much sooner than the average. It’s usual to experience hair falling as a smoker, also smokers’ hair gets grey a lot earlier. 

What do you think? Do you smoke? If so, why?
Comment and don't forget to ask the doctor about anything that comes to your mind - you'll get the answer on the 4th week of The Month of Healthy Fashion project :) xo

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  1. Thank you so much for putting this out there. Smoking is such a huge part of the fashion industry, and I admit that I did it for a while, but I was so depressed when I did. And then when I quite it was like the world was suddenly so much better. I felt free. I hope that one day the fashion industry is a smoking free business.



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