Female Leaders' Style: Sarah Palin, 9th Governor of Alaska

This week I'm analyzing Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska from 2006 until resigning in 2009. Her style is the average american type, i would say - mostly good, but sometimes she makes big, big mistakes. Let's see.

Palin's face is square-shaped, she's got strong cheekbones and very characteristic jaw bone. Her make-up stylist's habit of highlighting her cheeks in incomprehensible, as she's got them highlighted by nature well enough, but it still looks good, though they go too far with the amount of blush at times. 
Her hair is mostly flawless, though I like her hair down or in a ponytail (as seen below) the most. 

She's got pretty big breasts, but she's thin and fit, which makes it easy for her to rock jackets. 
On the picture above in which she wears the black dress with the red jacket I love how her shoes match her jacket. She usually wears really nice shoes (see them here), but in the two pictures below she's wearing these sandals, that are horrible in my opinion. I mean, seriously, this woman is meant to be a serious politician, and this pair of red things don't do any good for this. Stick to heels, Sarah! 

As for jackets, she usually wear the type that has only one button under the neckline on it, which is rather extraordinary but still very elegant. I love how she wears the jacket with a belt in the picture below!
Unlike Angela Merkel, Palin can wear shirts with any kind of necklines, but too-high-cut necks don't suit her so well either (as seen below). 

In the two pictures below, she looks amazing. Her hair in the first picture is amazing, and the shoes are very pretty as well. In the second one, her entire outfit is great and very elegant. Both of the photos show black is her color, it looks great on her!

Finally, here's the biggest mistake ever - the blue lumberjack coat and the light green scarf. I just don't understand the reason. Do you?

I'd say Palin's style is okay, she dresses properly, but sometimes she can't really decide what's appropriate. I'd recommend wearing the outfit below for her.

Now, what do you think? How would you dress Palin up? Comment or share your Polyvore choices with us!
Next week I’ll analyze Condoleezza Rice, american politician.

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