Female Leaders' Style: Christina Kirchner, President of Argentina

I tried hard to find the flaws in Kirchner's apparently impeccable style, but I failed. She's perfect - I've never seen a 58 years old lady look so great, honestly. 

Let's start at the top - haircut and makeup, both amazing. Her haircolor is just right for her skin tone and it's a color that matches probably the most color clothes in the world. The cut is fashionable, still evergreen, it'll never be an 'out'. 
Makeup-wise she must be working with really good professionals. You barely see wrinkles on her face and her makeup always highlight her eyes, by which she conveys an unbelievable amount of strength and enthusiasm.

As for her clothes - she usually wears skirts and blazers, dresses  and long coats. Most of the colors on her are pastels, she wears white a lot and if she ever wears anything with patterns on it, they are always delicate and feminine patterns. 

Thanks to her great figure, the outfit on the picture above is amazing on her. An all-white outfit would generally make anyone look fat, but Kirchner being thin and fit doesn't have to worry about this. Also, I'm not at all a fan of white shoes, I believe one should wear nude color shoes even with white clothes, because to me, white shoes are for brides, but Signora Kirchner's shoes are great and look fabulous on her. 

I love these long coats on Kirchner (on the right)! And on the picture above, the matching of colors is also great. Look at the shoes and the coat together, and then look at the tiny purse. It's all gorgeous! 

I think I found the flaw. The trousers. They are...not flattering. Not pretty. Too big. I can't explain it, I just really don't like it. She shouldn't wear trousers. I love the shoes though.

I would personally recommend wearing the outfit above to Kirchner. It's a pastel color outfit with feminine details. It would look fabulous on her!

Now, what do you think? How would you dress Kirchner up? Comment or share your Polyvore choices with us!
Next week I’ll analyze Sarah Palin, american politician.

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  1. shes so stylish!


  2. I love this series. How cool. That fan is totally dope.


    I am following you now

  3. She definitely gives Michelle Obama a run for her money!

  4. She has perfect style!!! Beautiful!



  5. I, as an Argentinian am very proud of her, especially because she will be re-elected in October 2011.


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