Fashion Related Health Problems II.

This post is the second part of the Fashion Related Health Problems article from back in December, 2010. 
The post was so successfull it made it to IFB's Links á la Mode round-up, so I decided to countinue the article within the Month of Healthy Fashion project, with the help of the doctors of WorCare Health Center.

1.) Low-cut Jeans
It’s very popular to wear low-cut pants and short jackets among women, which is really sexy indeed, but can cause lots of health problems. One’s waist and tummy can easily get a cold, but it can lead to back pains, reuma and bladder inflammation as well. Also, inflammations in this area highly influence the fertility of women.

2.) Too-tight Clothes
Too tight jeans pressure the inguinal area, dopes the thighs. In case of women, if the vaginal area is „wrapped” into too-tight clothes, it can easily become a right place for bacteria and infections to settle. As for men, tight jeans can influence fertility – it lifts and presses testicles to their body, thus warms them up and basically boils sperms. Seat heating in cars and sauna have the same effects by the way.
As for high-waisted shorts and jeans, stomach-area pressure can cause stomach acid reflux and can slow down metabolism, which we all know isn’t good for our figures.

3.) Nylon Tights
What could make female legs more attractive and make a simple dress more gorgeous than a shiny, beautiful pair of nylon tights? Though they’re pretty, we can easily make our toes flake if we wear them too much. This can also happen by wearing faux-leather shoes. If we don’t stick to the necessary hygienic rules, it can cause smelly feet and fungus. Other polyester foot-wear and wearing brogues, wellies or sneakers can strengthen these effects as well. 

4.) Hair Straightener
Though wavy, curly hair is pretty fashionable right now, lots of people still straighten their hair on a daily basis. It’s proven that regular use of hair-iron damages hair badly, causes split-ends and dries and burns hair.
It’s recommended to use hair straightener only up to two times a week and for entirelly blow-dried hair only. If you iron your hair, please, pamper it with a nice mask once or twice a week, give it a rest. In fact, it would be a lot better if you’d get a haircut and have a hairdo that doesn’t need to be straightened. 

What do you think? Do you ever do anything that could cause you health problems based on the listed things above?
Comment and don't forget to ask the doctor about anything that comes to your mind - you'll get the answer on the 4th week of The Month of Healthy Fashion project :) xo


  1. About the hair straightener, would having your hair chemically straightened do the same damage? And there's also a Japanese natural straightening thing similar to the chemical straightening sans the chemicals, would that be any better?


  2. omg I need to tell all my boy friends to stop wearing skinny jeans!! lol, I didn't know that could happen with skinny jeans, but I did know about the seat heater part. It'll also happen from holding a laptop over their testicles for long periods of time as well.

    great post, I think it's great that you're helping people to become more aware.


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  4. You will make me change my wardrobe , i felt like this was written for me

    thanks bookmarked it


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