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My Darling Readers,

Wow, it's March now, which means MFLL have been existed for more than 8 months now! First and foremost I'd love to say a huge THANK YOU to all you 200+ followers of mine and everyone else who may not be followers but still frequent readers of this blog. 

Over the months, this blog became an obsession to me and I've been trying to improve it as much as I could and tried to make it better, more professional and good quality lately. Now it's time for me to look back and face myself - and start to edit my old posts, correcting misspelling, grammar mistakes and mistyping. Starting from now, I'll blog a few posts featuring old articles of mine in a new form. I hope you'll find things you haven't found before and will enjoy browsing news from when the history of MFLL has begun.

Lately I've been posting a bit less - mostly because of school, friends and other things that are keeping me busy, but I always get back to my baby blog eventually, so no worries, this blog will keep going :) 

I haven't been doing the I ♥ Links series in the last few weeks which I feel awfully horrible about, but decided to keep it going and not give it up.
Thus please, my dear blogger friends, keep on submitting your best posts to the ♥ Links weekly round-up (more info here)! The best five posts will be featured in a post and our newsletter every week! 

Also, The Month of Healthy Fashion in cooperation with WorCare Health Center is still going on! See all the posts related to The Month of Healthy Fashion here! And of course you still have the chance to Ask a doctor about anything that comes to your mind and is related to either only health or healthy fashion. You'll get all the answers for your questions in a post on the last week of March and if you leave your e-mail address, we will even send them to you via e-mail!

I'm planning on starting a new series as well which hopefully would help us (me and you, readers) become more connected. I want to post your looks! 
You can submit your outfits here and I'll post the best ones every third-fourth day.
The reader whose outfit get posted 5 times will be featured in a full length article about them, their style and everything they want to share with you! 
I will make a tab on the top for this series as well where you will be able to find all the informations and the best outfit each time! The series will go by the name "Style Shots".

So these are the plans I'm having for the near future. Let me know what you think about them and drop me and e-mail or a comment 
below with any ideas or thoughts! xo 

P.S.: Please, give MFLL a few votes (you can vote every 24 hours) by clicking on this image either here or on the top left:

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