DIY Fringe and Chain Tank by Jenni Radosevich

I found Jenni Radosevich's DIY tips in the 2011 March issue of american InStyle magazine and visited her blog, I Spy DIY ASAP as I loved her idea - a feather clutch made out of a feather duster.
Now I found one of her DIY ideas in video form on YouTube and decided to show you, as it's really cool. I mean, a unique and stylish fringe and chain top for $13? Please! 


The Shopping Forecast Weekly Fashion And Trends Round Up

There is so much going on in the fashion world at the moment it can be difficult to keep track. Fashions and trends change so quickly and the key to looking stylish is picking out the right fashions for you. This week we are please to be able to giving you a helping hand with some fashion inspiration from our resident Style Councillors blogs. We hope that you enjoy.

My Fashion Lust List - a quick review of Alexis Mabille's Fall 2010 collection - the Pro's and cons
Freya Hill Talkin - Happy 300th Birthday Ascot - A dedication to Ascot's 300th birthday; how Vivienne Westwood and milliner Stephen Jones have joined in with the fashionable celebrations
Style Meets Story - Fifth Ave Shoe Repair- The swedish brand has a great collection this spring
Jen Danczak - Accessories - Do it right this fall - some of the hottest pieces around
Mallory in New York - Get poisoned with toxic nature - a fabulous new makeup collection
The Shopping Forecast - How Fashion Social Networking Sites Are Changing The Way We Shop - an update on the lastest trends in shopping
Style Eyes Fashion Blog - 5 Ways to Rework Old Clothes For Summer 2011 Trends - a climate week post
The Fashion Buzz - Debenhams High Summer 2011 Lookbook - some fantastic new fashion from a UK high street favourite

Don't forget you can keep up with the most popular styles for the season ahead on The Shopping Forecast

Style Shot 22/03

Today's Style Shot is D's pretty and playful outfit, which is extraordinary and casual at the same time. I adore the hat!

Female Leaders' Style: Sarah Palin, 9th Governor of Alaska

This week I'm analyzing Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska from 2006 until resigning in 2009. Her style is the average american type, i would say - mostly good, but sometimes she makes big, big mistakes. Let's see.

Palin's face is square-shaped, she's got strong cheekbones and very characteristic jaw bone. Her make-up stylist's habit of highlighting her cheeks in incomprehensible, as she's got them highlighted by nature well enough, but it still looks good, though they go too far with the amount of blush at times. 
Her hair is mostly flawless, though I like her hair down or in a ponytail (as seen below) the most. 

She's got pretty big breasts, but she's thin and fit, which makes it easy for her to rock jackets. 
On the picture above in which she wears the black dress with the red jacket I love how her shoes match her jacket. She usually wears really nice shoes (see them here), but in the two pictures below she's wearing these sandals, that are horrible in my opinion. I mean, seriously, this woman is meant to be a serious politician, and this pair of red things don't do any good for this. Stick to heels, Sarah! 

As for jackets, she usually wear the type that has only one button under the neckline on it, which is rather extraordinary but still very elegant. I love how she wears the jacket with a belt in the picture below!
Unlike Angela Merkel, Palin can wear shirts with any kind of necklines, but too-high-cut necks don't suit her so well either (as seen below). 

In the two pictures below, she looks amazing. Her hair in the first picture is amazing, and the shoes are very pretty as well. In the second one, her entire outfit is great and very elegant. Both of the photos show black is her color, it looks great on her!

Finally, here's the biggest mistake ever - the blue lumberjack coat and the light green scarf. I just don't understand the reason. Do you?

I'd say Palin's style is okay, she dresses properly, but sometimes she can't really decide what's appropriate. I'd recommend wearing the outfit below for her.

Now, what do you think? How would you dress Palin up? Comment or share your Polyvore choices with us!
Next week I’ll analyze Condoleezza Rice, american politician.


Today's Finds

I went to this amazing little turkish store today to see if they have any more amazing rings (because lately it's my favorite place to score gorgeous statement pieces) and I can proudly say the trip was very successful. Not only I found these fabulous rings, but I even got discount because I'm kind of a loyal costumer now!

Pure love, isn't it? Collecting rings is probably the most useful hobby I ever had, and definitely the most pleasurable one. I'm very contented right now.
What do you think? xo


WAMP - The Sunday Design Fair

Today I went to the Sunday Design Fair, where handmade products can be purchased once a month in Budapest. 
I have to admit this was the first time I've been to this fair, though I wanted to go ever since I'm blogging. Now I finally did and I'm not disappointed at all!
The fair has a huge gastronomical section with handmade cheeses, pastries, wine and of course the best chocolate products ever. The designer section is full of handmade leather bags, pouches, make-up cases, dozens of jewelry and really unique, very designer clothes. Everything is full of weird and unusual patterns, fabrics and tailoring. Unfortunately it was impossible to capture everything, but I've tried my best and made a few photos for you to see what I'm talking about :)

Have you ever been to WAMP? How did you like it? Comment and tell me what you think and how do you like the photos :) xo

P.S.: See you on the next WAMP on the 17th on April @ Erzsébet square, Budapest! ;)


Style Shot 17/03

Today's style shot is L's pretty and simple biker chic look. She's wearing a Banana Republic tank top, Kohl's by Lauren Conrad jacket and Levi's jeans with TJ Maxx boots. I love this look! Thank you, L!

Comment whether you like the outfit or dislike it and why? Rate it on a scale from 1 to 10! xo 

Older Posts 2010/07/15-16

I edited four older posts of mine today, three from July 15th and one from July 16th, 2010. It amazes me how much I've changed and developed throughout the months! I just laugh at my old self now.

Comment either on the old posts, either here, let me know, which My Fashion Lust List is better - the old one or the one that you read today? :) xo


Blog News

My Darling Readers,

Wow, it's March now, which means MFLL have been existed for more than 8 months now! First and foremost I'd love to say a huge THANK YOU to all you 200+ followers of mine and everyone else who may not be followers but still frequent readers of this blog. 

Over the months, this blog became an obsession to me and I've been trying to improve it as much as I could and tried to make it better, more professional and good quality lately. Now it's time for me to look back and face myself - and start to edit my old posts, correcting misspelling, grammar mistakes and mistyping. Starting from now, I'll blog a few posts featuring old articles of mine in a new form. I hope you'll find things you haven't found before and will enjoy browsing news from when the history of MFLL has begun.

Lately I've been posting a bit less - mostly because of school, friends and other things that are keeping me busy, but I always get back to my baby blog eventually, so no worries, this blog will keep going :) 

I haven't been doing the I ♥ Links series in the last few weeks which I feel awfully horrible about, but decided to keep it going and not give it up.
Thus please, my dear blogger friends, keep on submitting your best posts to the ♥ Links weekly round-up (more info here)! The best five posts will be featured in a post and our newsletter every week! 

Also, The Month of Healthy Fashion in cooperation with WorCare Health Center is still going on! See all the posts related to The Month of Healthy Fashion here! And of course you still have the chance to Ask a doctor about anything that comes to your mind and is related to either only health or healthy fashion. You'll get all the answers for your questions in a post on the last week of March and if you leave your e-mail address, we will even send them to you via e-mail!

I'm planning on starting a new series as well which hopefully would help us (me and you, readers) become more connected. I want to post your looks! 
You can submit your outfits here and I'll post the best ones every third-fourth day.
The reader whose outfit get posted 5 times will be featured in a full length article about them, their style and everything they want to share with you! 
I will make a tab on the top for this series as well where you will be able to find all the informations and the best outfit each time! The series will go by the name "Style Shots".

So these are the plans I'm having for the near future. Let me know what you think about them and drop me and e-mail or a comment 
below with any ideas or thoughts! xo 

P.S.: Please, give MFLL a few votes (you can vote every 24 hours) by clicking on this image either here or on the top left:

Alexis Mabille Fall 2011 Quick Review

Alexis Mabille's lates collection's most important elements are waist belts, layers, draping and loose pieces.


  • waist belts highlight one's figure is a positive way
  • layers keep you warm, thus the collection's ideal for the Fall
  • light fabrics
  • lively colors


  • too much carpet-like patterns
  • the pieces sometimes tend to be too loose
  • black tights don't go with everything

I wonder how you like Alexis Mabille's (whom I already have a post about by the way) new looks? Leave any thoughts in a comment below :) xo

Style Shot 16/03

Today's random style shot is A's outfit featuring this feminine and warm peacoat with black skirt, tights and boots, a great tote and a pretty sweater with gorgeous shoulder details.

Comment whether you like the outfit or dislike it and why? Rate it on a scale from 1 to 10! xo 


Smoking & Fashion

Lately we can see a lot of examples of fashion photography and industry glamourizing smoking. I asked WorCare's expert about this.

Why do you think smoking and cigarettes found their ways into fashion?
If we just think about Hollywood, the movies, the actresses, a lot of scenes come to mind in which smoking was a good and important element. The fashion icons of eras were also made by the movie industry.
Smoking among women became popular in the 1920’s, mostly because of the emancipation of women. In the 50’s, dozens of Marily Monroe’s photos showed her with a cigarette in her hands, then in the 60’s, the delicate, petite Audrey Hepburn played the role of a rebellish girl, who went to New York to follow her dreams – and there are always the Givenchy dresses, her jewels and her 20 inch long cigarette holder to help her. Her looks, her elegance changed fashion in a moment. Girls wanted to be just like the icons on the pictures.
It hasn’t changed much. Most of the models smoke, whose reason is probably the metabolism fastener effect of cigarettes, which causes weight-loss. Also, smoking helps coping with stress, waiting, being nervous or being scared.

How can fashion photography that includes smoking phychologically affect one's thinking?

It’s clear that in the world of fashion now that it’s recession, fashion designers start to attract attention in several different, extreme ways. On fashion shows and photos, girls are flirting with half-naked men, walk around topless or light up a cigarette. And though it’s forbidden to advertise cigarettes since the 70’s, the symbolism of cigarettes is still present. Smoking symbolizes the free world of adults, just like alcohol or under-age sexual activity does. Media, advertising and the behavior of adults keeps this whole thing up. Today’s advertising tactic works well – the audition must identify themselves with one of the character they see. Texts and photos in ads show exactly the wants of teenagers and young adults and conveys a message like „if you want to be thin, beautiful, popular and fabuous, you should smoke”.

What harmful effects does smoking have?

We all know it’s unhealthy. It can cause lung problems, cancer, cardiovascular problems. Smoking ruins tasting and smelling and body’s ability to keep vitamins.
But it’s probably more important in this context that it’s very harmful to beauty. Smokers’ fingers and nails get yellow-ish from tar, and it can never be removed until one stops smoking. Tar also makes teeth discolor, and it can also only be resolved by quitting. As smoking makes our veins tight and hard, our skin gets a lot less blood and vitamins. Also, smoking activates and enzime which kills the collagen and elastin in skin, thus makes smokers’ skin wrinkled much sooner than the average. It’s usual to experience hair falling as a smoker, also smokers’ hair gets grey a lot earlier. 

What do you think? Do you smoke? If so, why?
Comment and don't forget to ask the doctor about anything that comes to your mind - you'll get the answer on the 4th week of The Month of Healthy Fashion project :) xo


Female Leaders' Style: Christina Kirchner, President of Argentina

I tried hard to find the flaws in Kirchner's apparently impeccable style, but I failed. She's perfect - I've never seen a 58 years old lady look so great, honestly. 

Let's start at the top - haircut and makeup, both amazing. Her haircolor is just right for her skin tone and it's a color that matches probably the most color clothes in the world. The cut is fashionable, still evergreen, it'll never be an 'out'. 
Makeup-wise she must be working with really good professionals. You barely see wrinkles on her face and her makeup always highlight her eyes, by which she conveys an unbelievable amount of strength and enthusiasm.

As for her clothes - she usually wears skirts and blazers, dresses  and long coats. Most of the colors on her are pastels, she wears white a lot and if she ever wears anything with patterns on it, they are always delicate and feminine patterns. 

Thanks to her great figure, the outfit on the picture above is amazing on her. An all-white outfit would generally make anyone look fat, but Kirchner being thin and fit doesn't have to worry about this. Also, I'm not at all a fan of white shoes, I believe one should wear nude color shoes even with white clothes, because to me, white shoes are for brides, but Signora Kirchner's shoes are great and look fabulous on her. 

I love these long coats on Kirchner (on the right)! And on the picture above, the matching of colors is also great. Look at the shoes and the coat together, and then look at the tiny purse. It's all gorgeous! 

I think I found the flaw. The trousers. They are...not flattering. Not pretty. Too big. I can't explain it, I just really don't like it. She shouldn't wear trousers. I love the shoes though.

I would personally recommend wearing the outfit above to Kirchner. It's a pastel color outfit with feminine details. It would look fabulous on her!

Now, what do you think? How would you dress Kirchner up? Comment or share your Polyvore choices with us!
Next week I’ll analyze Sarah Palin, american politician.

If you're looking for some plus size versions of coats like the above, then visit www.onestopplus.co.uk! 
They have some great offers on for this Autumn/Winter season.


Fashion Related Health Problems II.

This post is the second part of the Fashion Related Health Problems article from back in December, 2010. 
The post was so successfull it made it to IFB's Links á la Mode round-up, so I decided to countinue the article within the Month of Healthy Fashion project, with the help of the doctors of WorCare Health Center.

1.) Low-cut Jeans
It’s very popular to wear low-cut pants and short jackets among women, which is really sexy indeed, but can cause lots of health problems. One’s waist and tummy can easily get a cold, but it can lead to back pains, reuma and bladder inflammation as well. Also, inflammations in this area highly influence the fertility of women.

2.) Too-tight Clothes
Too tight jeans pressure the inguinal area, dopes the thighs. In case of women, if the vaginal area is „wrapped” into too-tight clothes, it can easily become a right place for bacteria and infections to settle. As for men, tight jeans can influence fertility – it lifts and presses testicles to their body, thus warms them up and basically boils sperms. Seat heating in cars and sauna have the same effects by the way.
As for high-waisted shorts and jeans, stomach-area pressure can cause stomach acid reflux and can slow down metabolism, which we all know isn’t good for our figures.

3.) Nylon Tights
What could make female legs more attractive and make a simple dress more gorgeous than a shiny, beautiful pair of nylon tights? Though they’re pretty, we can easily make our toes flake if we wear them too much. This can also happen by wearing faux-leather shoes. If we don’t stick to the necessary hygienic rules, it can cause smelly feet and fungus. Other polyester foot-wear and wearing brogues, wellies or sneakers can strengthen these effects as well. 

4.) Hair Straightener
Though wavy, curly hair is pretty fashionable right now, lots of people still straighten their hair on a daily basis. It’s proven that regular use of hair-iron damages hair badly, causes split-ends and dries and burns hair.
It’s recommended to use hair straightener only up to two times a week and for entirelly blow-dried hair only. If you iron your hair, please, pamper it with a nice mask once or twice a week, give it a rest. In fact, it would be a lot better if you’d get a haircut and have a hairdo that doesn’t need to be straightened. 

What do you think? Do you ever do anything that could cause you health problems based on the listed things above?
Comment and don't forget to ask the doctor about anything that comes to your mind - you'll get the answer on the 4th week of The Month of Healthy Fashion project :) xo
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