Vote for Royal Floral

Dear Darling Readers of Mine,
I'd like to ask you a tiny little favor. I just entered a fashion competition on The Shopping Forecast, which is basically about making an outfit for Kate Middleton for the Royal Wedding - not a wedding dress, of course, but, like, something for the reception, I guess. Anyways, I made an outfit, Royal Floral, and I really, really, really need you to vote for it! Winning this competition would mean being able to exchange my points for any clothes on The Shopping Forecast site - meaning I would have plenty of new swag to blog about! It totally does worth it for all of us! JK, or course, but I still really need votes! Oh, and let me show you the pieces the outfit includes!

So, please, please, please, my darlings, click here and vote for my outfit! Thank you! :) xo

1 comment:

  1. i just voted!!
    good luckkkkkk



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