My Latest Finds and Outfit for Tomorrow

I've been shopping, yaay! ...although I'm going to spend the weekend in Rome (yaay!!), I really needed to look around in a few shops.
Now, I've found really cute stuff which I really wanna show you! 

First, the outfit I plan to wear tomorrow. A grey sweater I found in a Peek and Cloppenburg store and a floral skirt from Mango, accessorized with some rings and a grey bangle.

Sorry for the picture taken from sideways, but this was the only angle I could show most of the outfit. What do you think? I love the ruffles on the shoulder of the sweater so much! And the floral pattern's colors match the grey sweater, doesn't it? 

The other thing is the stuff I bought today. I got two bags, two rings, a bangle and a sequined hat. They are the sweetest! 

What do you think? I love them. You? Please, comment, I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Jealous have fun in Rome and don't spend to much lol x

  2. The sweater is so cute :)



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