Missoni SS2011 Quick Review

Missoni's Spring-Summer 2011 collection includes a bunch of overly colorful pieces and mismatching patterns.

  • light fabrics, 
  • bold colors and good tailoring makes it a great choice for spring and summer


  • too many tribal motives 
  • too much black (is it just me or there really is a surprisingly huge amount of black in the dresses for a summer collection?) 
  • not made for everyday wearing

What are your points on the collection? Favorite/least favorite piece? Comment :) xo

Photos via Sonny Photos


  1. I loved this collection so much. I'm not normally into the color explosion collections like Missoni had. But I loved this collection so much.

    xox M

  2. I have to agree that the collection is way too tribal heavy and black. I guess I would have to say that the color block items are my favorite

  3. if these were bags instead of dresses i would want them all, but i just can't really see myself wearing most of these....ever. my favorite is the second picture under the pros section.


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