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Shame on me I actually didn't do this thing for 4 weeks. Let me excuse myself - I accidentally turned the submission form off, meaning I didn't get any submissions for 3 and a half weeks. 
Lucky for us, the last 3-4 days brought enough submissions to pick the best five out of, so here we go, the five best links of the week!

I gave all of you, my dear blogger friends, the chance to submit your best posts of the week. This way I could find blogs I didn't even know, so I couldn't have found without this new submission system.

I ♥ Links
  • Timeless Hues Spotted in 2010
    It's great editorial. A look-back on 2010's ageless fashion elements. A love the idea, I love the pictures, it's all fantastic! This great post is on Roses et Épines.
  • The Flying Squirrel by Young Restless
    I love the collection this post is about, I love the pictures, I adore the quality of the post, and I especially like it when the blogger's mother tongue and the same text in english is in the post! Lovely! Brought to us by Le Paradox.
  • How To Make Envelopes From Old Fashion Magazines
    It's a very sweet and really creative how-to on making envelopes out of magazine pages. I love it! I will definitely try to make one -- although I almost never send real male...I'm so 2011. This nice tutorial was made by Dora Cruceru.
  • Vogue Italia: Summerton's Dud Spread
    Smart and self-opinion centric post on Emma Summerton's "The Blackallure". It's interesting and makes you actually think about it -- which fashion blogs rarely do. Great article on International Fashion.
  • Lady in Red
    Really nice post collecting celebrities wearing red. It's a very sweet eye-candy, and I especially love the dress Corinne wears in the last paragraph -- it's very pretty! Sweet read by Corinne Monique.

These're the five best posts of this week's lineup. 
Please, don't feel upset or anything, if your post didn't make it to the list this week - submit your next fantastic post for next week's "I ♥ Links"
Please, mind the "Your Post's URL" part - your post's URL is required there, not your blog's! 
If you submit your blog's URL, it's invalid, I'm really sorry. I'm saying this because this situation occurred in case of 3 or 4 submissions and it feels really bad to invalidate posts. 

Thank you for the submissions, everyone! Don't forget to participate in next week's round-up!
Comment, whether you like the links or what :) xo

P.S.: I'd like to call your attention to two things about the blog. 
First, the "Style Journals Topsite" button on the top left -- it'd mean a lot to me if you'd click on this button once every few days. 
Second, the toolbar on the bottom of your browser window, when you open my blog -- it's called a Wibiya Toolbar. It's a really cool social toolbar thingy, and makes it really easy for you to digg, tweet, post on FB about My Fashion Lust List or chat with me or other readers (all you need to do is click to "Join Chat" and login via FB, Yahoo, Twitter or MySpace)! I'd really love to turn this blog into some kinda dynamic networking place, I'd like to build a community here :) xo


  1. Hi there, thank you so much for your lovely comment, hoping we could follow one another with google friend connect? I follow your blog now :)
    Funny that we have the same Coco Chanel quote on our sites :) Kind regards

  2. Thank you so much for picking us! We'll be sure to blog about it! We really like the rest of the links, especially The Flying Squirrel... v. cool.


  3. Thank you so much darlign!
    I'm so glad that you liked my post,
    i try to do my best with my english, i wish I could write as well i can speak ahah

    I'm one of your followers
    and your blog is such a source of inspiration!

    hope to hear from you soon


  4. Thank you, Cecilia! I'm glad you like my blog :) We'll surely stay in contact! :)

  5. That is such a great idea! Thanks for doing this, I'll have to submit in the future :]

  6. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! XOXO

    I love the other posts too! All great blogs that I can explore now that I know about them :) & I love your blog too, of course ;)

    Corinne xo


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