Fill Your Bag Up with Some Kate Spade

I have a fantastic school break going on this week and I got a fantastic flu to deal with during the break, yayy. But since I can't really leave my room, I have way more than enough time to spend on eBay, which means I already bought a few stuff which I will show you of course as soon as they arrive. 
Also, I discovered there are millions, trillions of fabulous Kate Spade goodies to buy on eBay. Then my imagination began to fly around the room and now here we go, I made you a little collection of things you can fill your bag up with and are made by Kate Spade. Enjoy!

I know it's not something you put into your bag, but it's the bag you put stuff into.
I love the silver stud on it, I love the handle, I love the shape of it...I fell in love with this bag, period. Too bad I don't have $355 to spend on it. 

This wallet matches the bag above and I still adore the stud, furthermore I love the crocodile leather material - in this amount! I'm not a huge fan of it if there is too much of it, but this wallet is just perfect. 

So sweet, so cosmopolitan, so chic! I adore this tiny pouch. Can you not love, love, love the stamps on it!? I may be overenthusiastic...

I like the pink one better, it's feminine and chic and cool and leather and Kate Spade - it's fabulous! Gotta love it.

Although you can get the one on the picture, moreover you can get two of it, it costs 200 bucks and I thought "who would ever want to buy iPhone cases for $200?", so I didn't link it, but you still can find it here.
I love this case, I'd get an iPhone 4 just so I can use a case like this! Pure love!

What do you think? What would you add to the list? What are our favorite Kate Spade pieces? Comment :) xo


  1. I love the iPhone case! Too bad I don't own an iPhone... :) She has some very cute cases for e-readers as well.



  2. I should deff get a Kindle case then! Thanks for the info :) xo

  3. Love the first bag !

  4. Lovely blog.I'm following u.

  5. Ah i love the green Blackberry cover! soo cute !


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