Dora Mojzes SS2011 Lookbook

A few days earlier I got the biggest surprise in my blogger life ever: a designer, whom I already posted about a few months earlier, e-mailed me. Dora Mojzes personally sent me her latest lookbook and a little description about it, and asked me to blog about the new collection if I like it. And I love it! So now I can proudly say my readers are the first people to see Dora Mojzes' SS 2011 lookbook! 
It's a colorful, feminine collection. I adore the chic leggings and the pencil skirt, but every looks are fresh and perfect for spring and summer. 
The 2011 spring-summer collection was inspired by the Roman legionary wearing, which I combined with psychedelic elements.  In the silhouette of my clothes I used the roman wearing, and the colors and patterns are slightly inspired by techno. As a difference from my previous collection, I rarely used black; I felt it kind of challenging to use rousing colors. The main colors are green and blue, pink and red. The other difference is that my first shoe collection is ready!

Thanks for Dora Mojzes for the lookbook! I would like to hear (read) all of your thoughts in comments below, so please, share them! xo

P.S.: I'm terribly sorry for not posting for more, than two weeks, but I was awfully busy with school and a tender and stuff, but I'm back and I appreciate you're still reading my blog! I get more and more followers and I'm very happy about it!
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  1. Didn't really like most of the collection. Certain pieces were nice, but it wasn't really that much of a big deal.

  2. Great look book! Fun colors and prints. :)

  3. I like the coulours they used. Nice collection, not my style though.

  4. The collection is AWESOME!
    And you deserve to be the first to blog about it, cuz you're my favourite blogger :)



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